Wuyi Peng Shed Wu Yi for Panda Fans to Watch Wild Panda Observation Wildlife

Gineral informaiton and facts about Wuyipeng, wu yi peng, wuyi peng, wuyi shed panda watching point observation station for panda research and panda scientific data.

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To go to Wuyipeng, a hiking of five hundred meters up hill is needed. Except when the trail is covered with melting ice during late winter, the walk is easy.

Wuyipeng was once a research facility of the Giant Panda Reserve Centre. It was intentionally located closer to the habitat of the Giant Panda for the researchers' more convenient access to the habitat. Owing to the relocating of many of the research works to other Giant Panda Reserves, Wuyipeng is no long fully functioning. However, weather statistics are still being recorded daily to provided limited information for the existing Giant Panda Breeding Centre.

Occasionally, local or overseas research students on related subjects will come to conduct academic researches and borrow the accommodation facilities.

Since 1978, many scientists from all over the world to Wuyipeng Shed, as the basic camp base for researching panda,  to research the wild giant pandas, to collect the data and do records according to the wireless research, watch the habits of wild panda, trace the wild pandas. And there are about 14-16 wild pandas living there around, so Wuyi Peng or Wu Yipeng is the best place to watch or trace wild giant panda for you to do it as a scientist, also there are still a lot of wild animals such as takin, gold monkey.


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