General Information and Facts About Wolong Nature Raserve for Panda China Conservation and Research Center

General informaiton and facts about Wolong nature raserve China conservation and research center for giant pandas, Wolong panda bear breeding research center

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Panda Hero Valley
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Few people do not know about the Giant Panda bear. Their symbolic black and white fur-colour distinguishes them well from any other animals. Giant Panda, with only about one thousand left in the wild, is also the most well known endangered animal in the world. The rare animal is endemic to China, though some of the habitats were found in northern Vietnam and other nearby areas over half a million years ago. Since the very beginning, most of the research works on Giant Panda have been carrying out on-site at the Giant Panda's natural habitats.

Wolong is a part of the Sichuan Province of China. From Chengdu, it is about four hours' drive. Further drive from Wolong through the Balang Shan (Balang Mountain) will take you to Siguniangshan and Jiuzhaigou. Wolong is a highland with almost one thousand meters above sea level. The altitude brings it high contrast of weather among the four seasons of a year.

The Giant Panda Reserve is not all of Wolong. There are many other sites along the way from the fields to the mountaintops worth visit.

Wolong Nature reserve is th third largets Panda Nature Reserve in China, located in Sichuan province, covering an area of 200,000 hectares. The height above the sea level of the Wolong nature reserve is from 1,150 to 6,250 m, and it is in the scope of Qinghai--Tibet Plateau, with a weather condition which can be described as small differences in temperature, evident wet and dry seasons, a concentrated rainfall and a obvious vertical variety in climates.  In June 1980, the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda was established at Wolong by way of cooperation with world wildlife fund . It is the "man and biosphere" reserve network member of UNESCO .

Rare wildlife and plants live in Wolong Nature Reserve. In addition to the giant panda, other endangered species like the snow leopard, red panda, golden snub-nose monkey, black bear, and dove tree survive in Wolong. Wolong is home to over 6,000 species (4,000 specimens of local plants, 450 vertebrates, and 1,700 invertebrates). Other species such as yaks and goats are herded by local Tibetan people in Wolong’s high mountains.

Wolong has several world famous praises such as "hometown of giant pandas", "broad-spectrum gene pool of animals and plants" and "natural park of animals and plants". There are 103 species of mammals, 283 kinds of birds, 21 species of amphibians, 25 species of reptiles, 18 species of fish, 1,700 species of insects.

Most sites in Wolong spread alongside the Min River within Wolong also have spectacular views and are good for taking photos and birdwatching. For instance, at Yingchanggou you can find stones with high mineral contents. An exhibition centre exhibits many information and specimen of the area. If you have got the time, energy and patient, you may even do a serious hiking to track for wild giant pandas' foot prints.

Yingxionggou Hero Panda Valley
Yingxionggou Hero Panda Valley is 10 km up Wolong township, located in Wolong Nature Reserve, and it is at the left side of the Pitiao river, which makes it the sisiter valley of Yinglong Canyon. The mouth of the valley is cragged and erected, and the mountain is permeated with dense fog. The valley is full of vigor and majesty, and the age-old trees are reaching the sky; hill springs fly down from very high cliffs, just like a silver curtain flapping straight to the bottom of the valley. Earthshaking battle cries vociferate among the dense fog in the valley. Going through the four tunnels named of Xianfeng, Youquan, Tingquan and Shuilian, you can find a completely green arrow bamboo sea, which is the breeding site of giant pandas.

Wolong Panda Valley, originally called Heroes or Hero Valley  is this only place to trace or track wild pandas with GPS and carry out scientific surveys and observation in panda research, Wolong, Sichuan. The Valley is about 3.2 km and about 2050-2800m above sea level. Now this Valley is the best for ecotourism,  you can hike to trace wild pandas for tracking pandas with GPS radio connection.
This panda is released panda for test to release this panda to the wild. You can photography released wild panda in the larger Enclosure. This panda will be return to the wild after training step by step.

Tracking wild panda with GPS

Yinglong Canyon
Yinglong Canyon  (Silver Dragon) is 11 km up Wolong townthip, at the right side of Pitiao river, which makes it the sister valley of Yingxionggou valley. The mouth of the canyon looks like the one cut by and axe and the canyon body is very stiff. Rare apexes pile up each other and the canyon is rich and varied as rosy clouds are rising slowly. At the lower places of the canyon, the age-old trees shield the sky. The green leaves of spring and summer are the setoofs of the fresh flowers, both sides of the mountain are entire red in autumn, beautiful snow in winter is the silver garnitures and the frozen frost is an ice screen.


Zhenghe Landscape Area
Zhenghe landscape area is 11 km down Wolong township. The height above the sea level is from 1,600 m to 2,500 m. It is a typical high mountain and canyon physiognomy where original vegetation is well reserved. The dense forest in the valley is very deep and profound. The ways are peacefu. The group apexes are straight and severe. The flying waterfalls and the brooks pour down and there are plank roads built along a cliff at the mountainside. In spring and summer, the mountain is green, water is clean and blue, birds are singing and flowers are sweet; and when autumn comes, the green leaves turn red and golden yellow, just like a pitch fire.


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