Ailurus Fulgens Lesser Panda Red Panda Center for Research in Wolong

Lesser panda, red panda center in wolong nature reserve for Ailurus fulgens in Sichuan..

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 Lesser panda red panda  semi-nature center was established in 1992 and there are more than 10 lesser pandas. You can indulge yourself in the semi-wild environment of lesser pandas to experience the harmonious happiness of the human being, animals and nature.

Lesser Panda, also called Red Panda or Small Panda (in Chinese languages), Ailurus fulgens, is another type of endangered bear. They look very much different from giant panda - they are much smaller, have brown and black fur, have a long tails, are more active, and are skilled clambers. But they are no less cute and lovely than the giant panda.

The Lesser Panda Semi-Nature Centre locates right next to the Giant Panda Breeding Centre. The purpose and setup of the facility is the same as that of the Giant Panda Breeding Centre. Except that it does not need as much of space as the Giant Panda Breeding Centre to hold the smaller size Lesser Pandas.

Wild red pandas mainly distributed in Southwest China, and Sichuan Province is the concentration distribution of red panda. In Sichuan about 20 nature reserves protected red pandas. One of the largest red panda breeding center is Yaojiaping Red Panda Breeding Base in Yunnan (Gaoligongshan, Nujiang prefecture) 2540 meters above sea level.

And with its high possible then other area if go to Baoxing (Tiepingshan), Ebian (Shan Feng village, Heizhugou), Danba (Yueza town) for tracking wild red pandas.


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