Introduction to Wolong Nature Reserve Wolong China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Pandas

Wolong will open on 30 Sep on 2012 after re-construction on Genda township.

Wolong nature reserve China conservation and research center for giant pandas, Wolong panda breeding research center, Wolonf panda bear facts and information

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Brief introduction to Wolong nature reserve, China conservation and research center for giant panda bears
Wolong  nature raserve giant panda bear reserve center for panda breeding and research, conservation and research base for giant pandas
Bifengxia giang panda breeding base (branch of Wolong center ) bifengxia mountain park
The Lesser Panda Semi-Nature Centre for red panda research
Wuyipeng Wuyi shed wu yi peng, wuyi peng, panda watching point observation
Balangshan mt. balang mountain balan in wolong panda nature reserve conservation center
Panda Hero Valley to track wild panda with GPS for the test of returning panda to the wild
Zhenghe Sightseeing area in Wolong
Yinglong silver dragon Canyon in Wolong nature reserve
Wolong panda migration transfer move to Bifengxia after Wenchuan Earthquake Disater in nature reserve on 12May 2008
Dujiangyan wolong panda rescue and disease control prevention center Huangnigou Qingchengshan

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