Wolong Giant Panda Bear Reserve Center for Panda Breeding and Research

Wolong  nature raserve giant panda bear reserve center for panda breeding and research, conservation and research base for giant pandas

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The Wolong state-level protection and research center was built in 1980.

The Wolong Giant Panda Reserve Centre was one of the earliest research bases established in the early 1980s by the Government of the People's Republic of China (PRC). Until 1989, the Ministry of Forestry of PRC and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) formulated the long-term Giant Panda Management Plan.

As the world’s largest breeding center for the endangered species, it has 142 captive pandas, taking 60 percent of the world’s total

It is a all-around scientific research place which collects protection, scientific research, procreation and feed, popular science education and sight-seeing together. Here, you can view and admire the typical open-wild biological environment of giant pandas and understand the living habits of giant pandas, and you can also see the giant pandas playing.

Wolong is the most successful center for breeding and caring for endangered giant pandas. The keepers and staff members at the Center take good care of the baby pandas.

Today, the Wolong Giant Panda Reserve Centre has been turned into the Giant Panda Breeding Centre focusing on research works on breeding and bamboo ecology. Much other research works are being carried out at other Reserves such as the one in Qinling Mountains of Shaanxi Province.

The Centre basically takes care of giant pandas under three situations:

    when the giant pandas are brought up from captive breeding,
    when the giant pandas are somehow dispersed from the group, or are rescued from injury, and have lost the ability to survive if released back to the wild,
    when the giant panda are ready to be released back t to the wild.

The Centre has two types of 'accommodations' for giant pandas - the Captive Cages and the Semi-nature Enclosures.

Most of the giant pandas in the Centre stay individually in the captive cages, which are in fact large enclosures, each consists of an in-door room and an out-door courtyard.

The semi-nature enclosures are very large wild areas but protected by border fences. Those giant pandas that will soon be released back to the wild will be put in the semi-nature enclosures for a long enough period of time for them to adapt to the natural environment. Although food has to be provided, the giant pandas will sleep there, eat there and recover their natural survival skills there until they can be released back to the wild.

Above is the original center at Heitaoping area, and below is under construction after earthquake at Huangcaoping area.

Huangcaoping Panda Breeding and Research Center.
New site and new construction started at May 2009, the new breeding center for giant pandas (China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center) will be located in Huangcaoping area, about 10 kilometers from the former one, close to the Genda township in Pitiao river.

The new panda research center includes a 650-square meter lab, a panda hospital, a 1500-square meter cub pen, a bamboo planting field and a place to accustom pandas with wild life, 30 raising panda enclosure, and 20 breeding panda enclouse / houses. With 7 wild panda protection station in the mountains in Gengda mountain area.

And the research and breeding raising panda by center will alto take at Shenshuping, Happy Valley, Tiantaishan  etc in Gengda township.

After  8.0-magnitude earthquake took in May 2008, most of the pandas in the reserve were moved to the Bifengxia breeding base in Ya’an City and some zoos elsewhere after the quake. Only six pandas of about 18 months are living in prefabricated houses in the reserve.


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