Balangshan Mt. Balang Mountain Balan in Wolong Nature Raserve for Panda China Conservation

Balangshan mt. balang mountain balan in wolong panda nature reserve conservation center

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Balang Mountain is also named Banlan Mountain in the locals. But in the Tibetan language, it is called Balangla, means "the mountain of strange willows ". It is situated in the very juncture of Xiaojin, Wenchuan and Baoxing counties

Balang Shan, Balang Mountain top at 5040 meters above sea level. Going up the mountain, you will see different types of plants grow to adapt to the change in temperature, humidity, amount of sunlight and air pressure due to the change in altitude. The phenomenon is more obvious when the plants bloom during spring and summer.

For birdwatchers, Balang Shan caters different types of birds along the changing altitude. Far before reaching the mountaintop, you will be able to see birds of prey flying below your feet.

Balang Mountain is 30 km up Wolong Township, and it is kind of typical high mountain and meadow vegetation with a plain scene. At the opposite side of Dengsheng is the Mamengou with a peaceful hypsography, which is the headstream of Pitiaohe River. The original forest is stretching to horizon, which allows you to enjoy the abstruse, profound, quiet and peaceful nature.

Balang Mountain is covered with snow all the year round. Here is the only way which must be passed leading up to the Siguniang Mountain through the Balangshan Pass which is 4523 meters above sea level. The high mountain and its deep valleys are often veiled in the boundless sea of clouds. You can enjoy the amazing landscapes while driving through. On the road a lot of herds of cattle and sheep, fields of wild flowers into your sight. And once at the top of the Balangshan Pass there is a breathtaking view of the snowcapped Siguniang Mountains. However while traveling through the Balang Mountains travelers must be careful of altitude sickness.


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