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Tour code As the wild panda is wildlife creatures, we can't guarantee to see wild panda successfully. All below ecotourism, wildlife photography tour, tracking wild pandas trip could be tailored. Notice & Duration

Quotation (per person)
Vary in season

GP-615 Wild panda track for wildlife photography to love corridor Anzihe nature reserve Jiguanshan forest park trace panda bear in spring 9 15600
GP-618 To track released panda in panda costumes at survival wilderness training field as volunteering tourist New 10 28800+
GP-621 China wildlife photography tour to panda kingdom Baoxing for track wild snow panda bears wild animals in winter 14 11500+
GP-622 Baoxing Yaan Woolong trace wild panda discovery safari to Lis house for snow winter wild pandas 24 19600+
GP-625 Tracking  tour at Tianquan Laba river Labahe nature reserve to trace wild panda 10 12550+
GP-633 Short Wolong Wuyipeng hike tour to camera watch wild panda track the panda trace learn panda bears habits and customs 6 11940+
GP-635 Trek tour to watch wild pandas activity ecology photograph animals in Wuyi shed Wolong nature reserve and photo pandas 9 15840+
GP-637 World natural heritage trip to Sichuan giant panda sanctuaries for watching tracking wild pandas in Wuyipeng  panda habitat  23 46800+
GP-643 China wildlife photography tour to track trace warch wild panda bears camera wild animals in Wanglang nature reserve 8 13660+
GP-647 Track wild animal pandas to Qinling Foping panda habitat natural reserve for pandas footprint trace 7 11800+
GP-648 Adventure Trekking Photography Tour to Track Wild Panda Bears in Foping Nature Reserve Qinling Mountain 12 15800+
GP-649 Wildlife photography safari to Lijiagou Sanguanmiao Foping for track photo wild mating pandas record courtship voice smell
Departure: 20th March / 2013 2014
23 33800
GP-675 Track wild pandas to photography panda bears in Chengdu Baishuihe Natural reserve sanctuary 20 28800+
GP-681 Adventure wildlife photograph trip to trek wild pandas and  trace footprints wild animals in Tangjiahe nature reserve 14 20800+
GP-683 Wild animal Dwarf blue sheep pseudois schaeferi tour to photograph wildlife wild dwarf safari photograpy in Zhubalong nature reserve 12 18800+
GP-688 All Tracking Program: Photography wild panda safari to track panda bears footprint to nature reserves    
Please note: viewing wild Giant Pandas is not guaranteed. They are wild creatures and live in difficult terrain.
Take about tracking wild panda tour, please bring raincoat, water boots etc.
List for wild pandas into local people sight in the wild, just for your reference the possiblity to see real wild panda 

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