Wildlife Photography Trek Tour to Zhubalong for Research Watching Dwarf Blue Sheep (Pseudois Bharal Schaeferi)

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This wildlife rare animal tour just for Dwarf blue sheep, to photograph dwarf blue sheep at the rocky slope, to watch dwarf blue sheep in mountains, to track dwarf blue sheep in river valley, to shoot wild dwarf blue sheep, to photo camera dwarf blue sheep, to close-up your dreaming wild rare animal pictures of dwarf blue sheep.

Tour Code: GP-683

About Dwarf Blue Sheep Pseudois Nayaur Schaeferi
Day01, Arrive Chengdu, take taxi by yourself to check in 2* Binjiang hotel for night.(no other service today but only accommdation)
Day02, Pick you up at about 08:00 and drive from Chengdu to Kangding or Lithang for night.(B/L/D)
Day03, Drive to Bathang for night.(B/L/D)
Day04, Drive to Zhubalong village, meet the local assistant and then trek up mountains, overnight in camp or tent.(B/L/D)
Day05-Day07, Trek and watch Dwarf Blue Sheep in the mountain and river valley, overnight in camp or tent.(B/L/D)
Day08, Trek and watch Dwarf Blue Sheep (Pseudois Scaeferi), and in the evening trek down and drive back to Batang for night.(B/L/D)
Day09, Drive to Lithang for night.(B/L/D)
Day10, Drive to Kangding for night.(B/L/D)
Day11, Drive back to Chengdu, check in Binjiang hotel for night. (B/L/D)
Day12, Service ends after b'fast.(B)

Better season: Oct to March

Quotation (In RMB, per person, 20days, basis of 2persons share one standard room, private tour):
18800CNY/p.p. for departure in Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, 01Oct-14Oct , single suppplement 1050CNY (in cities only)
20800CNY/p.p. for departure on 10days around Chinese New Year, and 27Sep-07Oct, single suppplement1350CNY (cities only).

Included: local style meals marked (maybe ready-food arranged while track for pandas), transportation and transfers as marked, accommodaiton in marked hotel / hostel / camp (2 persons share one standard room) or similar, entry fee for sightseeing,  one local assistant service  while tracking, environment & protection fee, coordination fee,  English speaking guide service,  tour body insurance.
Excluded: tip to guide and driver,   local assistant to carry your luggage (if need),  sleeping bag, any other service not included above.
Minimum 2 persons in your party.
:  Daily from Jan to Dec, but better from Oct to Mar, the best time is late Oct and Earlier Nov.

Please bring your own sleeping bag with you, and keep quiet while in reserve, don't disturb any sheep.

About Dwarf Blue Sheep (Pseudois Nayaur Schaeferi)
The dwarf blue sheep was first recorded by scientists in 1937. Dwarf blue sheep is probably the most endangered, there are only less than 500 dwarf blue sheep survived in the world now.
Dwarf blue sheep Pseudois schaeferi are known to survive only in Batang area, Sichuan. According to a survey in 1997, the species has declined steeply in both range and numbers since the 1950s and 1960s because of overhunting. It's found that dwarf blue sheep live range from 2700 to 3200M on steep cliffs or rocky slopes. In Bathang area they live in a area of 295 sq KM with a population of 200. Each group has average members of  6.2 individuals with a  male :female ratio of 67.7:100. 
Young of dwarf blue sheep are born in May or June. Density: "...only 0.5 - 1.0 sheep/sq km" (1.3 - 2.6 sheep/sq mi).
Other name: Bharal pseudo sheep, Bharal, Dwarf Bharal, Shí Yáng ("stone sheep"), Yá Yáng ("cliff sheep"), Ai Yan Yang。

The Dwarf blue sheep is a smaller wild sheep, weighing about 25-40 Kg, The food mainly on grasses and also other plants in dry areas, valleys in the mountains, usually very steep grassy slopes, and dwells in groups of sheep.
Usually they live in groups of about six.   There are two species of blue sheep: the dwarf blue sheep, Pseudois schaeferi and the blue sheep, Pseudois nayaur. The head and upper parts of the blue sheep are brownish gray with a tinge of slaty blue, and the underparts and insides of the legs are white. The Dwarf blue sheep reaches maturity about 1-2 years old, although the males don’t normally mate until they reach peak size, about 7 years old. They give birth to one, or very rarely two infants, after a gestation period of about 150 days. The young nurse for about six months, but after three months are grazing as well. They are weaned fully about 6 months old.

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