Adventure Trekking Photography Tour to Track Wild Panda Bears in Foping Nature Reserve Qinling Mountain

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Foping Nature Reserve, where the rare brown giant panda founded by the research scientists and  preservation staff, for wildlife wild animals photography tourists, located at the southern side of the Qinling Mountains, Foping County, Shanxi Province, one of the three major habitats of the giant panda bears in China. It's  altitudes above 2,200 metres.
 There are 1,765 species of wild plants including wild economic plants such as medicinal, aromatic and oil-bearing plants. The fauna is a mixture of species in a transition zone including both the oriental and the palaearctic realms. It is characterized by having a complex composition, ancient origin, capacity of survival, and polymorphism.
There are rare and endangered species such as the giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca), takin (Budorcas taxicolor bedfordi), golden snub-nosed monkey (Rhinopithecus roxellanae), South China Tiger (Panthera tigris amoyensis) and Indian leopard (P. pardus fusca).
Our expedition trekking tour take you into the heart of the natural habitat of this enigmatic species in Foping Protecting area, which has the highest density of wild Giant Pandas ever recorded. Please note: We hope to encounter wild Giant Pandas on this trip, however wild Pandas into sight cannot be guaranteed, but you can find some of the trace of the foot / the dropping (feces) / bite bamboo / hair of wild pandas.  Even you'll heard of many stories that wild pandas went into local house for fooding in winter season, and bited the iron pan, even eat the meats hanged by local people for Chinese Spring Festival.
7days tracking wild pandas.

Tour Code: GP-647

Day01, Arrive Xi'an, take taxi by yourself to check in 4stars Xi'an Prince hotel for night. (today no other service but only accommodation)
Day02, Drive  to  visit Wild Animal Rescue Center in Zhouzhi, and then drive into Qinling mountain to check in the hostel of Foping Nature Reserve for night,  and prepairing for some necessary materials for next day trekking tracking wild panda.(B/L/D)
Day03, Morning drive to the end of driving road at Liangfengya area, where at Foping Nature Reserve at southern slope of Qinling mountains, remote forest area, after lunch start wild hiking about 8 KM to trace wild panda, and overnight in Sanguanmiao Protection Station's hostel (altitude at about 1540m).(B/L/D, from dinner maybe ready foods arranged if necessary while trackking panda)
Day04, Full day hiking and trekking around, to track the trace of wild pandas in the mountains, hike up or walk down per the season time (wild panda will go lower to the area at about 1500M for food in winter, even 1000m , and 2000m in summer) , overnight in Sanguanmiao Station hostel.(B/L/D)
In the remote mountain forests of Qinling Mt.Qin, there are rare wild animals as: giant panda bears, golden snub-nosed monkeys, pere david's squirrel, flying squirrels, serow, golden takin, musk deer, goral, golden pheasant, elliot's laughing thrush, black-throated tits, great tit, vinous-greasted parrotball, Chinese babas, rufous-capped babbler, streak-breated scimitar babbler, white-capped river chat, orange-flanked bluetail etc.
In this tour, if luck you can watch most of above wild animals, of course if good luck, you can watch the wild live panda even loving / breeding pandas / panda fighting, as well as the brown giant panda bears. In general no problem to catch the footprint or panda trace of wild panda. And usually we will arrange local ranger to help us to track wild pandas, and the ranger is familiar with the wild panda's ranging route and activity.
Day05, Trekking along the mountain road to track wild panda, at about 12:00 pick up by car and drive back to Xi'an for night in 4* Prince hotel.(B/L/D)
Day06, Free day in Xi'an, overnight in Xi'an.(B)
Day07, Take taxi by yourself to Xian a'port for flight departure after b'fast.(B)

All year around available, better in 15Mar-15May and 10Oct-20Nov. As to the best possiblity to see wild panda.

Quotation (In RMB, per person, 7days, basis of 2persons share one standard room):
11800CNY/p.p. , single suppplement 750CNY (accommodation in Xi'an only)
12800CNY/p.p. if departure on 20days around Chinese New Year, and 27Sep-07Oct, single suppplement 950CNY (Xi'an only).

Included: local style meals marked (maybe ready-food arranged while track for pandas), transportation and transfers as marked (Day01-Day03, Day05) by private car, accommodaiton in marked hotel / hostel / camp (2 persons share one standard room) or similar, entry fee for sightseeing,  permit to Foping Nature Reserve, one panda assistant service  while tracking, environment & protection fee, coordination fee, English speaking guide service,  tour body insurance.
Excluded: tip to guide and driver,  local assistant to carry your luggage (if need),  sleeping bag, any other service not included above.
Minimum 2 persons in your party.
:  Daily from Jan to Dec

All above subjected to our confirmation. And maybe the schedule will be adjusted if necessary per the possiblity.

Note: As the panda is wildlife, we can't guarantee to see wild panda successfully.


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