Panda Fans Tourist Close-up Photography Tour to China Chengdu Wolong Bifengxia Panda Sanctuary to Interact Pet Photo

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Tour code All below Close-up photography tours be tailored to meet your photographing captive panda requirement for photographic work in Chengdu Wolong Bifengxia panda center. Wildlife photography trip for cameraman to close up camera pandas. As a panda donor, your donation money will help panda in native place, panda hometown.
More China wildlife wild animals photography safari, special in Tibet Plateau
Track wild panda footprint trace and photography wild pandas

Quotation (CNY per person)
Vary in season

GP-502 Panda photograph trip to photo panda bears and digital camera Chengdu downtown photography tips 5 4550+
GP-504 Panda photo tour for photographer to photo captive panda and baby panda newborn kindergarten Wolong Bifengxia 5 4750+
GP-506 Professional Close-up photography tour to close up camera panda infants with special arrangement shoot in color background screen 7 9660+
GP-508 Carry captive panda to hillside or riverbank in wild environment for camerman to take photographing 5 23850+
GP-585 Wildlife Photograph safari to Wolong Bifengxia panda kindergarten and Harbin Mudanjiang Hengdaohezi Siberian tiger park 10 17850+
GP-587 Wildlife photography trip for tourist camera film video captive panda and Siberian Tiger Changbaishan park 10 18850+

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