Photographic Work to Wolong Bifengxia for Professional Photographer to Close-up Photo Infant Pandas

Professional close up photographer to camera panda pose, to shoot newborn panda, to photo captive pandas in your favourable color background screen such as green or white board, close up photo for cameraman to take photographic work at Wolong Bifengxia. As well as tourists to take panda close-up images pictures at panda kindergarten for infant panda, lovely panda baby under our guidance of experienced guide service according to your interesting and requirement.
In this trip, consist of 2 sections: one is trip arrangement, another is Photograph Section (Photographing Cost)

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Wildlife Panda Close-up Photography Trip

Professional photograph section and photographing infant panda cost

Tour Code: GP-506 (Trip arrangement)

Day01, Arrive Shanghai (or Beijing), take taxi by yourself to Far-east hotel in Shanghai (or Peixin hotel in Beijing) (we will e-mail you the name and address in both Chinese and English) for night. (to no service but accommodation only)
Day02, Take taxi by yourself to Shanghai A'port (or Beijing A'port) for flight to Chengdu, pick you up at Chengdu A'port and transfer to Bifengxia Panda Base for night in Xiaoxitian hostel.(D)
Day03, Take Bifengxia park bus (ticket) to Panda Base (panda kindergarten area) for full day visiting and close up photographing panda sessions arrangement as below, overnight in Xiaoxitian hostel.(B/L/D)
Day04, Take park bus (ticket) to Panda Base for full day visiting and close-up photo panda  (arrangement as below), overnight in Xiaoxitian hostel.(B/L/D)
Day05, Take park bus (ticket) to Panda Base for full day visiting and photo panda (arrangement as below), if succeeded in photo close up panda on both Day03 and Day04, then today go to either Shangli Old Town or Huanglongxi Old Town or both for visiting, in the late afternoon drive to Chengdu for night in 4* Enjoy Star or Xinhua Int'l hotel.(B/L/D)
Day06, Full day photograph panda in Chengdu Panda Base, photo picture out of Panda Enclosure while visit panda Enclosure in Chengdu Panda Base,  visiting / photographing pandas, photo panda picture, camera panda pose image, photoing pandas around Panda Enclosure. Either around the Panda Kindergarten or adult Panda Enclosures (house), visit panda museum, panda Magic Theater, Panda food processing house, Maternity / Pregnant Panda House overnight in Chengdu.(B/L/D, lunch arranged as ready-food if necessary, overnight in Chengdu.(B/L/D)
Day07, Drive to Chengdu A'port for flight departure back to Shanghai (or Beijing), service ends.(B)

Trip quotation:
9660CNY/p.p. (full payment in advance)
Minimum: cost estimated as 2 persons in your party.
Included: local style meals marked, all accommodation in marked hotel (hostel) or similar (one person one room alone), transfer and transportation by private car, private English speaking guide service, park bus ticket in Bifengxia Park if available, entrance fee for sightseeing, economic cabin air ticket of Shanghai (or Beijing)-Chengdu-Shanghai (or Beijing) with its a'port construction fee and fuel surcharge, tour body insurance.
Excluded: tip to guide and driver, service in Shanghai / Beijing, special arrangement for photographing panda fee (cost extra, as marked below as "Photographing cost"), any other service and cost not included above.

Photograph Section Photographing Cost.
Basis Start-up fee (just for coordination only): 800Euros.
Option A: One panda aged 1.5 years(17months)-2.5 years, 2 times, each time 30 minutes, total cost 4000Euros.
Option B: One panda aged 9 months-17 months, 2 times, each time 20 minutes, total cost 5000Euros.
Option C: One panda aged 6 months-8 months, 2 times, each time 15 minutes, total cost 7200Euros.
Option D: One panda aged 2 months-5 months, 3 times, each time 10 minutes, total cost 9000Euros.
Option E: One panda mother + one cub (cub aged 4 months-12 months), 2 times, each time 10 minutes, total cost 6400Euros.
Option F: One panda mother + 2 cubs (cub aged 4 months-12 months), 2 times, each time 10 minutes, total cost 8800Euros.

Note: the accurate cost will be adjusted according to your requirement.
Payment and Reservation for the Photograph Section. 1, E-mail us your background informaiton, or brief introduction to yourself; 2, tell us the reason why you plan to take these panda photos; 3, Tell us which options you prefer to take, and then we will check the availablity (per the panda age and your trip date); 4, 75% of total photo (booked Options) cost must be paid in advance (45days in advance), 25% of total photo cost be balanced in cash in China (the reason is: if failed in some section, then just settlement the balance between us; if refund you, then we do refund only in RMB cash) ; 5, All above options depends on the panda's condition and ages, we keep the right to adjust similar photo graphing instead of booked options, as well as arrange Chengdu Panda Base instead of Bifengxia Panda Base; 6, Please do not make any payment before we inform you of payment; 7, If failed in any section or options for any reason, then no fine or no punishment or no penalty on our Corp., but we just make settlement the balance (the amount you have already paid, with the section failed in photographing) with you.
This is a close-up arrangement, that carry the panda to a certain place, such as on the top of one wooden box, or a ground for your close up photographing, the staff playing with panda, feeding panda with bamboo leaves, milk, carrot, apple etc, so that you can have good photographing panda gestures, posture and facial expressions. The lovely panda will give you to close up camera panda to squat, jump, catch,  run,  grab,  hit, bite, tear, cry, howl,  happy,  spoiled,  snuggle,  angry etc.
Photographing cost for reference only!!

Better time: Nov - May, best time Dec - Apr

All above subjected to our confirmation.  

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