Giant Panda Bears Volunteer Program Tour to Chengdu Wolong Bifengxia Nature Reserve for Volunteering & Internship Trip

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To interact with lovely panda bears, either as tourist or professional, either adult or child kid, our volunteering tour and internship trip will take you to take exciting experience.
Tour code  There are professional voluntary work / intern / field work programs, Internship Tour Vet Ecology Volunteer, making panda food processing, newburn raising maid assistant, tourist volunteer works in Wolong Bifengxia, Chengdu, Sichuan. We are professional tour company in panda bear since 1990, All panda programs could be tailored to meet your needs, and most tours arranged as private tour. Days

Quotation (CNY per person)
Vary in season

GP-401 2014 Chinese Spring Festival and summer holiday to Wolong Bifengxia Panda Base for school students Volunteering work 6  
GP-403 One day excursion to Sichuan Wolong Bifengxia for experience of volunteering and play interact with pandas 1 1160+
GP-406 China panda volunteer tour to Wolong Bifengxia nature reserve to work for hug panda 2 1880+
GP-410 Giant panda bears volunteering trip for volunteer to voluntary work in Chengdu sanctuary center 3 1250+
GP-412 Working trip for experience of panda food processing making meals for panda bears in Wolong Bifengxia New 3 2565+
GP-414 Working tour for experience of feeder assistant to raise rear nurse mother panda with her newborn cub baby from Aug to Jan New 3 2765+
GP-417 Panda bears volunteer tour to Wolong Bifengxia mountain park to work hug panda for photography 5 2665+
GP-419 Volunteer panda trip for multi-work: ordinary volunteering work with rearing mother panda with her newborn and making panda food processing 5 3365+
GP-420 Short participate in panda wildness survival training programme to trace releasing wild panda 4 11800+
GP-421 Participate in panda wilderness training program at the releasing field in panda costumes to monitor track wild pandas New 6 16800+
  Volunteer and intern working trip for panda behavior data analysis at Yaan City.  New    
GP-426 Giant pandas volunteer tour for tourists students to voluntary work internship in Chengdu sanctuary center 7 4150+
GP-430 China panda volunteer tour to Wolong Bifengxia nature reserve to work for hug panda Budget 10 2565+
GP-435 Panda trip to Fuzhou for volunteering work in Fuzhou Panda World with Shangai airtickets included Budget 10 4270+
GP-451 Internship volunteer professional trip for animal hospital vet and medical interne to work in Wolong Bifengxia  23 8450+
GP-453 Professional practise field work for students to watch animal behavior in Pandas' Behavioral and Ecology Center Bifengxia 23 8450+
GP-455 Professional internship pratice work for students in pandas' Physiological and Biochemial Research Center Bifengxia 23 9450+
GP-462 Internship / volunteer to voluntary field work in Fuzhou Panda World for Base for behavioral ecology, medical service, dietetics nutriology, raising etc. 45 13600+
GP-464 Internship / volunteer to field work in Chengdu Panda Base for behavioral ecology, medical service, dietetics nutriology, raising etc. 48 27500+
  Below with both deluxe private trip and budget low cost tour to China    
GP-470 China panda volunteer tour to Beijing Great Wall and Chengdu Wolong bifengxia for voluntary work 9 6250+
GP-472 Panda voluntary trip to Beijing Forbidden City Xian Warriors Wolong bifengxia for volunteering 10 8100+
GP-474 Guizhou miao minority culture adventure to Sanjiang Zhaoxing rongjiang Kaili qingman Guiyang and Chengdu voluntary Wolong bifengxia 11 11450+
GP-476 China panda tour to Beijing Xian Chongqing Yichang Shanghai and Yangtze river cruise with Wolong Bifengxia volunteer trip 14+ 11260+
GP-485 China silk road adventure Urumqi Turpan Kashigar Dunhuang Xiahe Labrang monastery and  volunteer tour to Wolong 18 17850+
GP-487 Tibet adventure  to Lhasa Gyantse namtso lake Shigatse potala palace jokhang temple and Wolong panda voluntary work 14 12850+

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