Volunteering Panda Volunteer Tour to  Voluntary Wrok Internship in Chengdu Panda Base

Tourists, college students intern, international internship, panda interns, ecology internship, China intern volunteering in Chengdu Panda Base Center
In this internships tour (Chengdu area, China), as an intern, volunteer,  you can experience and watch the pandas as possible as close to panda. To understand more about giant panda, to research on giant pandas, to collect animal behavior and data analyze. Also you do it as a panda keeper, raiser, and more exchange and understand the Chinese working cultures and lifestyles while working and volunteering. Wathing the panda's dailylife and mating and breeding and giving birth in the Magic Giant Panda Theater. Participants learn more the panda's habit and habitat in Panda Musuem in Chengdu Panda Center Base.
If take this tour, we will e-mail you a message (attatchment in jpg or gif) in both Chinese and English, please print it, and in the message will show you the road direction and any other necessary information / assistance if necessary.

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Tour Code: GP-426

Day01(Sun), Arrive Chengdu, take taxi (or air bus, then walk about 5 miuntes)  by yourself to Check in local hostel (about 800 meters between Panda Base and this hostel,  minutes walking distance, very simple, but without b'fast, b'fast cost extra about 5-10 CNY for noodle only)  or 2* Binjiang hotel.(daily transfer necessary by bus or taxi, single way taxi cost about 60CNY) or  4* Enjoy Stars hotel (daily transfer necessary by bus or taxi, single way taxi cost about 50CNY) .(today no other service but only accommodation)
Day02(Mon), Walk (if in hostel) to or take taxi or take bus (if in hotel) by yourself to Chengdu Panda Base. At about 08:20 the Panda Base Staff will meet you at the Gate of Panda Base. 1st some materials and papers to you, in the morning, to understand the Panda Base, brief introduciton, short training,  understand the working regulaiton, watch panda-keeper's dailywork, watch panda film; have a break between 11:30-13:30,   in the afternoon, learn to watch panda's behavior, and collect the panda habit data, to experience the panda keeper's duties at panda Enclosure. At about 15:30 working ends. Then you can take bus or taxi back to hotel, also you can visiting inner panda base by yourself and then back to your hotel.(B).
Day03-Day06(Fri), Take bus or taxi to Panda Base, at about 08:20 Panda Base Staff meet you at the gate of Panda Base, and then working under the guidance of panda staff, break from 11:30 to 13:30, then working again from 13:30 to 15:30, working ends at 15:30, then arrange by yourself either back to hotel or 1st visiting inner Panda Base then back to hotel..(B)
Day07(Sat), Take taxi (or air bus) by yourself to Chengdu A'port after b'fast.(B)
Minimum tourists in your party:
Depature Date (Day01):
Every Sunday. But if falls on Holidays then cost adjusted by 20%.
(per person in RMB.  S/S--single suppplement):
4150CNY/P.P., S/S 400CNY for local hostel.(just walk about 5 minutes between this hostel and panda base, but the hostel very simple, without b'fast, b'fast cost extra 5-10CNY for noodles only)
4550CNY/p.p., S/S 700CNY. for 2* hotel such as Binjiang hotel. (bus or taxi necessary for daily transfer between hotel and panda base)
5350CNY/p.p., S/S 1400CNY for 4* hotel (bus or taxi necessary for daily transfer between hotel and panda base).
Included: 6 nights accommodation with its b'fast in marked hotel or similar(basis 2 persons share one standard room), entry fee for panda base, English speaking Panda Base staff service in Panda Base,  volunteering fee and internship permit, volunteering clothes rental, volunteering certificate .
Excluded: taxi (single way transfer by taxi about 50-80CNY), lunch and dinner, b'fast if in local hostel (5-10CNY per b'fast just for noodles only), take photo with panda at your lap, any other service not included above.
Note: 2.0 hours lunch break, you can have lunch at the Base Restaurant with the staff, about from 15-50CNY per person.

You are allowed to camera (tourist camera) your volunteering while your voluntary work.

All above subjected to our confirmation. And accurate working assigned by Base staff. You must buy body insurance in your country with China covered.


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