Participate In Panda Wilderness Survival Training and Releasing Program Wearing Panda Costumes

Wearing panda costumes to participate in panda wilderness survival training program to train newborn cub raised by mother panda for future to be released to the wild. This is voluntary work at Wilderness Training Field No.1 Ground, during this survival training courses,  panda will get wilderness survive skills. This is an opportunity to experience and understand the panda wilderness training program at Wild Training Base, gives you an intimate and authentic insight into panda wildness training and survival releasing team. You will co-work with Chinese panda staff, who are dedicated to protecting the panda, panda habitat conservation, training captive pandas wilderness survival skill. 
And to know the trained panda such as Tao Tao, how to survive in a blizzard, and how independent he will be, how to learn to mark and guard his own territory, how to find the natural food, how to escape the risk etc.
As an training assistant in the wilderness training team, you will monitor the semi-released panda via monitoring instrument, watch the screen and do animal behavior analysis, also wearing panda costumes to track the semi-released panda at the training field, even waiting a 3 - 5 hours. You also have a chance to explore the life and habitat of the wild pandas, which is rapidly receding habitat.
And as well, you can learn local culture and local people daily life.
This trip will be outside and on the move in the mountain forests wearing panda clothes, so please wear appropriate footwear.


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If 10 days for panda wilderness survival training project tour.

Tour Code: GP-421
Day01, Arr in Chengdu, take taxi by yourself to Check in 4* Enjoy Star hotel or similar hotel. (today no other service but only accommodation)
Day02, At 08:30 pick you up and drive to Panda Wilderness Survival Training and Releaseing Base, and in the afternoon visit Panda Wilderness Training and Releasing Base, general introduction to the base, as well as process (registeration and training) for this program of volunteering, overnight in local hotel.(B/L/D).
Day03, Under tha guidance of expert of Panda Wilderness Survival Training and Releasing Team, to dress up the panda coats, and hiking up to trace panda, as well as mesure panda, watch panda behavior, trace the panda footprint and food, to understand the panda's living condition etc, but you must be in panda uniform, even hide yourself in the forests for long time, in order to track panda and also lower the human affects on panda. (B/L/D, Lunch mayby ready-food only, and working very hard).
Da04, Dressing up panda clothes, hike up to track, watch, trace the trained / released panda, overnight in local hostel.(B/L/D, lunch maybe ready-food)
Day05, Also wearing panda costumes, hiking up to the Survival Training Field to track the panda trace, at about 16:30 pick you up and drive back to Chengdu and drop you off at Chengdu hotel.(B/L/D)
Day06, Take taxi by yourself to Chengdu A'port for your flight departure.(B)

Minimum tourists in your party: 1 person. Maximum 3 persons.
Departure: Daily from 01Jan to 31Dec
(per person in RMB):
16800CNY/p.p. if 2-3 persons in your party, and 21800CNY/p.p. if one peson alone.
17800CNY/p.p. if 2-3 persons in your party, and 22800CNY/p.p. if one peson alone. for  trip falls on 27Sep-07Oct, and 10days around Chinese New Year.

Included: local style meals marked (some lunch ready-food if necessary for field working), transportation and transfers as marked by private car (Day02 and Day05) between Chengdu and Panda Training Field, accommodation in marked hotel or similar (Chengdu as 4* hotel, Field as 2* hotel or similar, standard room, 2persons in one room),  private English speaking guide service on Day02 and Day05 while transfer servcie,  coordination fee for volunteering, local panda staff service while volunteering from Day03 to Day05, volunteering fee and permit, voluntary certificate, panda clothes rental, tour body insurance.
Excluded: air ticket,  tip to guide and driver, taxi,  car and guide service while volunteering, any other service not included above.

All volunteers must obey the regulation of the Panda Wilderness Survival Training and Releasing Base and China's Law, and working guided by panda training team member at the Training Base. You'd better buy your body insurance in your country.
The accurate working maybe adjusted if necessary by Panda Wilderness Survival Training & Releasing Center.
Above volunteering work space just available after your success in application.

You are allowed to camera (tourist camera) your volunteering while your voluntary work.

All above subjected to our confirmation.

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