Customized Ptivate Panda Bear Tour to Rear Raise Nurse Newborn Panda Cub Baby With Mother Together

China panda volunteering tour, every year from Aug to Jan,  you can experience the voluntary work, as panda nursing maid assostamt, to rear nurse raise the newborn panda cub baby with her or his mother together in the newborn / mother panda nursing house..

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Tour Code: GP-414
Day01, Arr in Chengdu (better arrival before 13:00), pick you up at Chengdu A'port or pick you up from your hotel in Chengdu downtown and transfers to Wolong Bifengxia for night in Xiaoxitian hostel, visit Bifengxia Panda Base and take panda in your lap for photo with you (cost extra), and process (registeration and training) volunteering, overnight in Xiao Xitian hostel or Siwei hostel.(L or D).
Day02, Under tha guidance of panda nursing maid or expert, as nursing maid assistant, full day volunteering to learn how to raise, rear, nurse, feed the newborn panda bear and baby panda or panda cub in the cub panda raising house, as well as the mother panda, overnight in Xiao Xitian hostel.(B)
Day03, Under tha guidance of panda rearing maid or expert, full day volunteering to learn how to feed, rear, nurse the newborn panda and mother panda, etc,  at about 16:00 drive (car + driver only, no guide) back to Chengdu downtown or drop you off at Chengdu A'port.(B)
Minimum tourists in your party: 2persons
Departure: Daily from Aug to Jan
(per person in RMB, private tour):
2765CNY/p.p. for departure in Jan, Nov, Dec, single suppplement 160CNY.
2965CNY/p.p. for departure in Aug, Sep, Oct , single suppplement 200CNY
3365CNY/p.p. for  trip falls on 27Sep-07Oct, and 10days around Chinese New Year, single suppplement 340CNY.
If stay in 3* hotel in Bifengxia Reception Center(out of Bifengxia Mountain Park) , then cost extra 300CNY/p.p.. But b'fast arranged as ready-food.

Included: local style meals marked, transportation and transfers as marked by  car, accommodation in marked hostel or similar (basis 2 persons share one standard room), entry fee for sightseeing, English speaking guide service on Day01,  coordination fee for volunteering, local assistant (panda food maker) service while volunteering, volunteering fee and permit, voluntary certificate, tour body insurance.
Excluded: air ticket,  tip to guide and driver, take photo with panda, volunteering cloth rental (200CNY/p.p.) , car and guide service while volunteering, any other service not included above.

Office Time (for reference only): 08:30-11:00, 14:30-16:30
Volunteering Time: Working hours for volunteer depend on yourself.

All volunteers must obey the regulation of this Researching Center and China's Law, and working directed by leaders and scientist of this Researching Center. You'd better buy your body insurance in your country.

If you want to extend this trip for rasing panda mother and her cub volunteering work, then please e-mail and tell us, we will do our best to arrange it. 530CNY per day cost extra, minimum 2 persons.

You are allowed to camera (tourist camera) your volunteering while your voluntary work.

And you can ask our experienced guide to arrange for you to take picture photo with pandas (hold panda baby for photo in your lap) in cub panda house, of course taking picture photo with baby panda cost you extra.

All above subjected to our confirmation.

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