Wolong Panda Xiangxiang Wildness Training Experiment for Releasing to the Nature Wild

Wolong Xiangxiang experiment for releasing to the nature forests and xiang xiang resume of wildness training to the wild

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Resume of Xiang Xiang Panda

Xiangxiang, panda xiang xiang,  a born-in-captivity giant panda, after 1st wildness training in the first paened area in Wolong. Xiang Xiang project indicates the beginning of China's ongoing project of returning penned pandas to the wild, Wolong had been engaging in wilderness training for giant pandas born in captivity, in the hope that they can survive in the wild.  

The long-term enclosureed life has made many pandas gradually lose their wild nature. Usually, they lazily sit in the cages of zoos, ignoring people's enthusiastic greetings and even showing little interest in their favorite bamboo.  Releasing or putting Xiangxiang to the wildness training yard can reduce people's interference on him and help him gradually adapt to survive in the wild.

Unfortunately, Xiang Xiang died of falling from the cliff less than a year after he was set free (return to the wild with tracking collar) probably fighting with other wild pandas for food and territory.

Xiang Xiang gave his life for science and panda protection project. Our human owe a lot to Xiang Xiang. 

Xiangxiang was a handsome panda.


Resume of Xiangxiang Xiang Xiang

25 Aug 2001, born in Wolong, male.

08 July 2003, to be selected as the 1st panda of experiment for wildness training panda to be released to the wild. And had been placed into a training enclosure with an area of  27,000 (1st training yard), square meters for wildness training, altitude as 2080 meters.  With low help of human, Xiangxiang's weight from 62 km increased to 80 km. Learned some skills to survive in the wild, such as search the food under the snow covering, built warm nests with manure in winter.

15 Sep 2004, with neck GPS, Xiangxiang moved to a larger wildness training yard (2nd training yard) with an area of  240,000 square meters compound for further wildness training, altitude 2480 meters. Xiangxiang's skills and ability increased much more, even attack the panda staff. The 2nd training yard is designed to meet his demand for food and a larger space for activities  in a secluded bamboo forest in Southwest China where conditions are closer to the animal's natural habitat.

28 April 2006, With with tracking collar (GPS),  with the wildness trainied for 3 years without any contact from humans except his keepers and veterinarians. Xiangxiang  had released or set free to the wild in the forests in Chuoshuigou, Wuyipeng area Wolong. The released area about 10 Km to Wolong township , about 4 wild pandas living there.

22 Dec, 2006, Xiangxiang was immediately was took back to the treatment of injuries once he was found injured on his back, hind leg etc while he got food in the forests through the tracking collar.

30 Dec, 2006, After medical treatment and healing, Xiang xiang was released again to the wild nature forests in Baiyan area, Wuyipeng.  

19 Feb 2007, the male panda, Xiang Xiang  was found dead in Zhuanjinggou on snow in the wild. Researchers thought Xiang Xiang died of falling from a high place after competing for territory and food against wild pandas.


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