Wolong Wild Training for Caocao Taotao Panda Return to the Wild Nature Forests

2012, 'survival trained' Taotao was released to the wild at Liziping Nature Reserve on 11Oct in Ya'an, Sichuan. Wolong Cao Cao Tao Tao Wildness Field Training for Captive Raised Bred Panda Releasing Returning to the Wild for mother and cub. And panda Zizhu Yingping Zhangka.

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About panda
Cao cao, Zizhu, Yingping, Zhangka

2012, Taotao was released to the wild at Liziping Nature Reserve on 11Oct in Ya'an, Sichuan.

2nd phase project started on 20Jul, 2010, CCRCGP transfered 4 female mated pandas (Cao cao, Zizhu, Yingping, Zhangka, aged 8 - 12 years) from Bifengxia to Wolong Heitaoping Wild Training Base (situated 1,800 meters above sea level.) for wild training. One of them is Cao Cao, Caocao, a mated female panda with pregnancy.

First Phase, on 03Aug, 2010,  8 years old panda "Caocao Cao Cao"  gave birth a cub, weighed 205 grams, male, healthy, originally named "Cao Gen", and later adopted by Taobao company and named Cao Gen as "Taotao" or "Tao Tao". Taotao is the first giant panda born in a traing field for wildness, or in  a semi-wild training base.  This marked the first time a captive-raised panda delivered a cub in a near-wild environment.
And then Wolong Center keen to let Cao Cao be raised with as little human interference as possible, decided to observe the mother-and-son pair from a distance using special equipment. The semi wild training base or the wildness training yard for this pair of mother and cub to live, is covers an area of 4,000 square meters, appears the same as wild fields only with hidden cameras to monitor panda activities.

His primary source of food is milk from his mother. Still, Cao Gen likes to stay in trees for about 18 hours every day. Unlike captive pandas, Cao Gen isn't dependant on human beings. Rather than welcome the researchers who would dress like pandas to give him monthly physical examinations, he would snarl and bite their fingers.

03 Dec 2010, 4 months cub Taotao tao tao was moved by panda staff in panda clothes to the field training office for body medical inpection, as well as researcher analyze their habitat (training wild field enclosure yard) , nest, terrotry data . Everything is good in scheduled.

2nd Phase, on 20 Feb 2011, with weight of 11.6 kilograms, after Cao Gen (Tao tao taotao) had retained many of wild instincts, he has been moved with his mother together to the 1st field wildness wild training yard which about 2200 meters avove sea level in the mountain forests, with covering an area of 42000 sq meters (two sepreated yards with door connecting, one 15000 sq meter, another 27000 sq meters).  To monitor the two pandas in their new home habitat, 55 surveillance cameras were installed. As well as GIS and GPS to monitor the panda and better explore them adaptation to the wildness. If any really assistance neseaary, the panda keepers will be there in panda costumes (cloth) rather than risk letting the animals get used to contact with human beings.

In this wildness wild field training area yard, Taotao are now stepping up to a new phase of training as the six-month-old Taotao not only well handled basic skills such as walking, climbing trees and looking for food in nature, but also cultivated the sense of alert and expeling the different in king.

In 2nd phase, mother Cao cao will trained with her cub Taotao Tao tao together in the connectiing enclosure wiht GPS GIS monitering service for further raising, training, ability needs.

3rd Phase, 03 May 2012, the Tao tao was moved to a larger enclosure for wild-nature-closed training, which covers an area of 240000 sq meters, altitude 2000 meters high, his weight 31KM. Cao Cao and her cub Taotao is familar with their semi-wild mountain enviornment.
In the phase, he learned skills: Could run away once falling from a 10 miters-tree, getting food while sonwing, Distinguishing between friends and the enemy, ability to communicate with other pandas via voice and smell.

4th Phase, 11Oct 2012, his weight 42km, 'survival trained' Taotao was released into Liziping Nature Reserve after 26 months wildness training, where the altitude is 2500-3600 miters, and there are about 13-15 pandas already living in Liziping Nature Reserve..

About panda "Cao Cao": Born in Aug 2002 in  Wenchuan Caopo Nature Reserve (in the wild forest). Real wild -born panda, female, with some live experience in wild forests. She was resuced in Nov 2003, and then transfer to Wolong Research Center for raising. And gave a twin birth (one male and one female, one 206.7 g, one 192.6g) after transportation to Bifengxia Panda Base due to earthquake in 2008. She was selected as one of the 2nd term wild trained panda. On 03Aug 2010 gave a birth Tao Tao.

About panda "Zhangka" : born in Baoxing nature reserve in the wild forest in 2000, real wild born panda, was rescued in 08May 2001 from the wild forests in Baoxing reserve. And was transfered to Wolong research & breeding center for raising in Sep 2003. In 2006 she gave a birth (218 g).

About panda "Yingping":  as an injured female panda, she was rescued in Qingping township area close to Tangjiahe Nature Reserve in Oct 2008, aged about 8 years old.  Then transfer to Bifengxia for raising. No experience of giving birth.

About panda "Zizhu": born in Autumn in 1999, real wild panda, as an injured panda was rescued in Pingwu in the Dec 2005 about 60Kg, and was transfer to Bifengxia in 2006 for raising. Gave a birth in Aug 2009 in Bifengxia.


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