Qinling Dapingyu Wildness Training Base of Giant Panda Returning Release to the Wild

Qinling dapingyu wildness training base of ginat panda bear return release to the wild in foping nature reserve

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Qinling golden snub-nosed monkey Valley

Qinling Dapingyu Rare Pheasants Park for birds watching

Photography trip to Qinling Dapingyu for golden monkey and rare pheasants birds, and watching Golden takin 

Qinling Dapingyu Da pingyu Wilderness Training Base for Qinling Mountain Giant Pandas, one branch of Louguantai rescue center. Panda Returning to the Wild Training Base in Mt. Qin, Foping County, Shaanxi Province, covers an area of 300 acres for the 1st term construction, about 180 KM from Xi'an. Established in Sep 2009. 2 hours trip between Dapingyu Base and Foping county.

Dapingyu wildness training base has 3 subadult pandas ( two female and one male) to be trained for wildness or unruliness in the base, in order to release them to the wild in the future. Daping Valley is the first wilderness training base for giant pandas built by the Shaanxi Rare Wildlife Rescue and Breeding Research Center in the Province, and the experiment on Qinling Mountain giant pandas’ wilderness training was taking in 2009.

.The Foping National Natural Reserve was approved by the State Council and built in 1978. After 31 years’ of meticulous management and protection, there are now 110 to 130 giant pandas in the Foping area. Known as Home for Pandas, the Reserve has the highest density of pandas in China, with an average of one panda existing in every 1.5 square kilometers at the buffer zones and core zones. Over the past year or so, under the guidance and assistance of authoritative giant panda research institutions and experts, the Foping County actively cooperated and devoted great efforts to site selection, planning and design, construction and other related work.

And close to the Qinling Panda Wildness Training Base in Dapingyu, there are wild Sichuan Golden Monkey Canyon (wild monkey) and Qinling Dapingyu Rare Pheasants Park. Take this tour to visit Golden Monkey and Reeves Pheasants

Sichuan Golden Monkey Canyon (wild monkey, golden snub-nosed monkey).
Goldenmonkey only spread in the Qinling area between Sichuan and  Shaanxi province. In Dapingyu Golden Monkey valley there about 6 groups for 800 members spread around. They are famous for fuzzes all over of there body. The golden monkey is treated as the national treasure as well as pandas. In Dapingyu, you can photogaph wild golden monkeys closely.

Qinling Dapingyu Rare Pheasants Park for birds watching.
In this park, you can photograph, watch: Golden Pheasant ( Chrysolophus pictus ),  Reeves’s Pheasant ( Syrmaticus reevesii ), Temminck’s Tragopan (Tragopan temminckii ),   Koklass Pheasant ( Pucrasia macrolopha ), Ring-necked Pheasant ( Phasianus colchicus ) , Red-billed Blue Magpie (Urocissa erythrorhyncha ) ,  Blood Pheasant ( Ithaginis cruentus ).


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