Professor Pan Wenshi  Panwenshi  Zoologist in Giant Panda Wild Research

Pan wenshi panwenshi professor zoologist in wild giant panda field research in qinling, chinese white dolphin in qinzhou, white headed langur in chongzuo

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Director of the Giant Panda and Wildlife Conservation Research Center at Peking University (the official name upgraded as Nature Conservation & Social Developing Center of Peking University), Pan Wenshi get achievements on behalf of panda conservation over a career spanning nearly 40 years and for his most recent efforts to convince the Chinese government to impose a logging moratorium in the Changqing area of the northern Qinling mountains, an important panda habitat.

Prof. Pan first proved that in contrast to captive pandas, pandas in the wild reproduce at a relatively high rate comparable to that of the American black bear.

One of biggest threats to the panda today remains habitat loss from logging and other economic activities. Professor Pan bought the public attention to the area of Changqing and played a very important role in the establishment of the Changqing Nature Reserve. 

Pan's argument that bamboo flowering and dying was not a determining factor in relation to the pandas' survival was later confirmed by field observations. Meanwhile, Pan had found life's work--helping pandas survive in the wild.

Researchers previously thought that a dominant male won breeding rights, but females in Pan's study group have mated with four or more males in a season. While pandas have proved notoriously hard to breed in captivity. Pan has corroborated that they can reproduce well in the wild. DNA tests on pandas in the wild have revealed a good  genetic diversity.

And currently, Pan Wenshi and his team move to Chongzuo Nature Reserve for the nature conservation and social developing, special for White-headed Langur (Leaf Monkey, Presbytis leucocephalus) Eco Park (tour as Wildlife Photography to visit Leaf Monkey, white headed langur) , as well as his team to research Chinese White Dolphin Research Center at Qinzhou Bay.


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