Dujiangyan Majiagou Wildness Training Breeding Releasing Center for Giant Panda Return to the Wild

Dujiangyan majiagou breeding and wildness training releaseing center for captive raised panda return to survive in the wild.

Dujiangyan Panda Wilderness Center also name Panda Valley in tourism field.

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The panda Po with other 5 pandas was released on 11 Jan 2012 to Dujiangyan Panda Wilderness Survival Training Center for training, Yao Ming (born on 12 September 1980, a retired Chinese professional basketball player) participated in the ceromony of panda releasing. The 6 pandas names: Xingrong, Xingya, Gongzai (Poo, 3 years old, Prototype of pand the Po in Kungfu Panda 2), Yingying, Zhizhi, Qiqi. All the 6 pandas from Chengdu Panda Base.

Gongzai (Panda Po in "Kong fu panda 2" movie), male, born on 26 Jul 2008, weight 89km, his mother is Xiao Pingping, his father Chenggong.
Yingying, younger brother of Gongzai, male, born on 23 Aug 2008, weight 75 km, mother is Xiao Pingping, father is Chengji.
Xingrong, female, born on 13 Aug 2007, weight 86 km, her father is Kebi, mother is Eryetou.
Xingya, female, born on 13 Aug 2007, weight 91 km, father is Bingxing, mother is Eryatou.
Zhizhi, female, born on 23 Aug 2009, weight 58 km, her mother is Yalao.
Qiqi, female, born on 28 Sep 2009, weight 56 km, her mother is Dashuang.

Volunteer trip to participate Panda Wilderness & Releasing Training Program (short)
Track the released panda footprint at Panda Wilderness & Releasing Training Field (longer)
Documentary data analysis voluntary co-working with Chinese expert for Panda Wilderness Survival Training and Released Panda Behavior.

Dujiangyan majiagou wildness training releaseing center is located at Majiagou of Yutang Town, Dujiangyan City. Began building in May 2010, the purpose of Dujiangyan majiagou wildness training releaseing center is to train captive raised panda return to the wild and survive in the wild environment. Covers an area of 135 hectares,  will host 40 to 50 giant pandas raised in captivity for wild training.

Dujiangyan majiagou wildness training releaseing center, also name Panda Valley of China, is the branch of Chengdu Panda Base, is the complex of  six functional areas: logistics support areas, research and education experience area, field ambulance quarantine area, feeding  raising breeding area, simi-nature of  original experimental area of ecological transition into the wild, the original ecological experimental area into the wild

In Dujiangyan majiagou wildness training releaseing center, the panda wildness training area is divided 3 parts: Enclosure raising area, Simi-nature raising area, Real wild training area.

This center is plan to be completed the construction in 3-5 years. And earlier maybe arrange panda to be tained in late 2012 or ealier 2013.

This center will cooperate with the Chengdu breeding and research base, the Wolong Giant Panda Conservation Base, the Dujiangyan Disease Control and Prevention Center for Giant Pandas and the Shaanxi Rescue Center for Endangered Animals.

As it plan, it will be done step by step that the wildness training  and releasing panda to the wild:

In the experimental zone of the center being built, the giant pandas will be trained to reduce their dependency on humans. But they will still live in cages.

After five to 10 years training in the experimental zone, the well-performed giant pandas will be introduced into the "half-natural" zone. In the following five to 10 years, the pandas there will live in tree holes or caves and forage for food. But they will still receive frequent checkups and participate in artificial breeding.

Then, only one or two of the giant pandas will have the chance to spend another five to 10 years in a nearly "natural" zone with little human contact.

Then they will be released into the nearby giant panda natural reserve for the panda to live in the real wild without any assistance of human.

As its original project plan, cccording to insiders, the number of males and females to be released are matched rationally and they will be arranged with some rare accompanying species including the red panda. Fifteen to 20 females and 4 to 5 males will be trained and released, accompanied by 30 to 50 red pandas. 


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