Shaanxi Wild Animal Rescue Raising Louguantai Center Red panda Crested Ibis Golden Monkey Takin

Shaanxi wildlife wild animal rescue breeding raising center (Louguantai center) panda red panda Crested Ibis golden monkey in Qinling

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Shaanxi wildlife wild animal rescue breeding raising center (Louguantai center), located at Louguantai, Zhouzhi county, at the foot of Zhongnanshan Zhongnan mountain, established in 1987, 76KM (1.5 hours driving) to Xi' an city - the capital of Shaanxi Province. Covers an current area of 14.7 ha, and will be enlarged as 200 ha. This center will be divided into three different functional sections --- the rescuing and breeding section, field deeding and domesticating section and feedstuff base. Louguantai wildlife center is complex of rescue, raising, breeding, wildness training for returning to the wild, scientific search, mass education.

Shaanxi wildlife wild animal rescue breeding raising center (Louguantai center) was set up in 1993 under the approval of National Forestry Ministry. It was also built as an institution on the basis of county level approved by Shaanxi Editor Committee in 2001. " The Center " was belonged to and runned by Shaanxi Forestry Department and managed by its agent Forestry Center pf Louguan Temple.

The purpose of Shaanxi wildlife wild animal rescue breeding raising center (Louguantai center) is to rescue injured or sick animals from the wild and to work to protect these species from extinction. Till now has rescued more than 300 animals from the wild, released about 160 wild animals and bred about 400 animals. Cured and freed about 160 wild animals, bred manually 659 animals

Shaanxi wildlife rescue breeding raising center has 28 species of wild animals, the rare animals are: giant panda (more than 18 pandas), Golden monkey (26 members), Golden takin, and Crested Ibis, red panda, Brown-eared Pheasant.

The researching technology of the golden haired monkey manual breeding and the abandoned infant of takin manual raising have reached to the highest technical level of our country.

 Louguantai Crested Ibis Breeding Centre is a famous breeding base for the crested ibis away from its original birth places. 21 crested ibis have been bred over the last year and there are more expected this year. To help them avoid distraction from outsiders, workers here put each "couple" in an enclosed huge netting cage.

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