Information of Giant Panda Research Breeding Center Rescue Base Wildness Training Organization

2012, 'survival trained' Taotao was released to the wild at Liziping Nature Reserve on 11Oct in Ya'an, Sichuan

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Wolong Panda Breeding Research Center for panda artificial breeding and panda wildnees training
Bifengxia panda base for panda research and artificial breeding
Chengdu breeding research center for panda bear artificial breeding
Shaanxi wild animal rescue breeding raising center Louguantai  panda red panda Crested Ibis golden monkey takin
China National Wild Panda Survey Census
Majiagou wildness training for captrive bred raised panda release to survive the wild in Dujiangyan
Dujiangyan wolong panda rescue and disease control prevention center Huangnigou Qingchengshan
Fuzhou panda world Fuzhou panda bear research center
Pan wenshi panwenshi professor zoologist in field research in qinling, chinese white dolphin in qinzhou, white headed langur in chongzuo
Foping Qinling Dapingyu wildness training plan base for cpative-bred panda return to the wild and golden monkey takin pheasants watching
Wolong Captive raised panda wildness training profect for captive bred panda return to the wild
Panda Xiangxiang experiment for releasing to the nature forests and xiang xiang resume of wildness training program to the dead
Wolong cao cao Tao Tao Wildness field Training for captive raised bred panda releasing returning to the wild for mother and cub panda
Panda behavior data analysis for both captive giant pandas and wilderness training released panda bears
Volunteer and intern working trip for panda behavior data analysis at Yaan City.

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