Fuzhou Giant Panda Research Center Fuzhou Panda World

Fuzhou giant panda research center fuzhou panda world

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Fuzhou Panda World is part of the Fuzhou Panda Research Center.
Fuzhou Panda world, Fuzhou giant panda research center, is located at #15 Mengshan Lu, Gulou District, Fuzhou. At the Dameanshan hill in the west of Fuzhou, closed to the beatiful Xihu lake, 25 kilometers from downtown Fuzhou, with conering an area of 3.5 hectares. It is a national base for scientific education fixed Location for teenagers' education, Fujian fixed tour unit.

One the oldest panda research center in China, with Giant panda theater, Giant panda museum, giant panda house, Lesser panda house, panda art house etc in Fuzhou Panda World. A variety of attractions and halls are open to visitors at Fuzhou Panda World, including a panda museum, Giant Panda Villa and Panda Art Hall where sculptures, photos, stamps, phone cards and craftworks which take the pandas as the theme can be browsed and bought.

And the panda in Fuzhou park can make game and play bike, ball etc. Fuzhou panda research center is the only one panda organization to train panda as performer (actors) to take performance to the public.

Fuzhou Panda was famous for his distinctive scientific domestication scientific repoduction---physiology research for Giant panda teenagers education base.

Currently 2011 raising 8 giant pandas, 25 red pandas.


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