Voluntary Intern Co-Work for Panda Bears Behavior Documentary Data Analysis at Ya'an City

Long term volunteering co-work with Chinese experts, professional internship for panda behavior data analysis in Yaan city, Documentary introduced by trained and released panda bears at Wilderness Survival Training Base.

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To understand the Panda Wilderness Training Program
To understand the Panda Behavior Data Analysis Project

This is a unique chance to get the panda behavior study, behavior documentary data analysis, specially for the college students or gruduated students in the fields of animal behavior, zoology, zoopsychology, animal conservation, zoogenesis etc.

Methods of behavior data analysis
Watch the recording video, documentary, and make behavior analysis, fill forms, summary it.

Documentary Material
Recorded and deposited in hard disk, recording via live camera installed at the Panda Wilderness Survival Training & Releasing Field.

Working Place
Yaan city, Sichuan province, China. About 20KM to Wolong Bifengxia Panda Base.

Most of the recording video introduced by the trained and released panda at Panda Wilderness & Releasing Training Center.  Recording the released panda activity, walking behavior, mating action, food seeking etc in the wild training field.

Voluntary / internship researcher requirement
Age: 18 - 60 years old.
Education: college and above.
Profession: ecology, zoology, ethology, sychology, or related profession.
Languages: English, or Chinese.
Volunteering work duration: minimum  6 months, maximum 24 months.

Participants citizenship
Worldwide country.

Cost for Internship or volunteering.
5750USD for 6 months, 10800USD for 12 months.
Cost includes: volunteering coordination and management, accommodation, professional direction (orientation) by expert, behavior data analysis training, panda staff professional support while working, airport pick up while arrival date.
Cost exludes: Chinese visa, meals, travel, air tickets,  insurance, any fee not includes above. Food cost about 10USD daily at Yaan city.

Object and Benifits
Apply the skills that directly match your career goals.
Expanding your professional network.
Gain practical and professional experience by behavior data analysis.
Improve your professional knowledge and skill.
Expericnce co- working with the Chinese staff.
Understand Chinese culture and current community in China.
To understand the efforts and results of captive pandas wilderness survival training subject.

Application Procedures.
E-mail us the following information (full or part of them): full name, gender, citizenship, birth of date, e-mail address, educational resume, working experience, personal resume, interests, professional title, organization name and website, certificate of professional skills, copy of passports and skill certificate and education certicate, intern / volunteering work duration (months and start date), introduction issued by your professor or an expert, etc.
Once we recieved above information, we will check it and make sure if it is okey and if a spece available. If okey, we will e-mail you payment information for payment (full or deposit).
You can arrange the travel visa, and then extension visa at Yaan city.

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