Behavior Data Analysis of Captive Panda and Wilderness Survival Trained Panda for Releasing

Behavior data analysis for both captive pandas and wilderness survival training program to release raised panda to the wild forests.

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Volunteer and intern working trip for panda behavior data analysis at Yaan City.

Methods to watch, analyse the panda bears behavior: live watch on the site, instant live watch via (infrared) camera, watch the recording video.

Places or sites to watch panda bear's behavior: wild mountains, enclosure, training field, infrared camera at sites.

Objects: to understand more the giant panda behavioral preference.

Panda daily life behavior: suckling, licking, calm, sleeping, standing, sitting, groveling, lying etc.
Sleeping behavior and prefered site: corridor, bamboo forest, remnant bamboo stand,rock, arbor forest, dead tree, and shrub, hole, density of tree etc.
Foraging behavior: time, altitude and time, area, topgraphy, walking distance.
Affected behavror factors: water, river, slope gradient, vegetation coverage, bamboo forests, ,
Temper behavior: angry, fight, attack, bite, etc.
Sexual behavior: sexual temperament, estrus, sexual movement, match making, mating, scraping valva, movement time, smelling, scratching, retreating, water paddling etc.

This panda data analysis and study provides a theoretical and practical guide for further study and training wilderness. In order to select the wild releasing site, to meet the panda behavioral preference.

In order to achieve the objects of improving the welfare of captive panda bears, as well as released panda getting more survival skills for further releaseing to the wild world.


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