China Panda Voluneer Internship Trip to Field Work in Wolong Bifengxia Wanglang Fengtongzhai Panda Habitats

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Tour code   Notice & Duration

Quotation (per person)
Vary in season

GP-821 Weekend panda ecology trip for school students to Chengdu Sanctuary for environment protection education plan 3 1080+
GP-823 EcoTourism to Chengdu Panda Center to take panda environment conservation education voluntary program for students 7 4570+
GP-825 School student group field work tour to Wolong Bifengxia nature reserve for short volunteering internship school break 4 2150+
GP-827 International school winter summer camp trip for foreign students to Wolong Bifengxia panda sanctuary for voluntary internship field work 8 2950+
GP-829 Abroad study spring autumn camp tour for overseas teens to Chengdu center Wolong Bifengxia giant panda for internship volunteering 6 2660+
GP-843 China flora fauna ecological tour for school college students to study learn field work in plants flowers wildlife animals in Wanglang 10 6660+
  Volunteer and intern working trip for panda behavior data analysis at Yaan City.    


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