Ecology Education Students Group Tour for School College to Study Field Work Flora Fauna in Wanglang Panda Nature Reserve

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China Giant Pandas
Panda Student Group Ecotourism Internship Tour

In this ecological school students group ecotour, we will arrange school college students tourists, children, teens under the professional guidance of panda staff or panda expert or panda monitors to trace wild panda, range the footprint of panda bears, track the wild animals in mountains and valleys, hiking and trekking along the panda  patrolling work road to trace giant pandas, to identify with mushrooms and germ bacteria claasification, get konwledge of  flora fungus fauna, plants, trees, flowers, animal trace etc in Wanglang nature reserve - panda habitats. As well as to finish field work for graduation paper.

Tour Code: GP-843

Day01, Arr in Chengdu, the panda city (panda town) in China, pick you up at Chengdu A'port and transfer to overnight in Chengdu 2* Binjiang hotel.
Day02, Drive to the panda habitat - Wanglang nature reserve, visit Baima town on the road, and Baima family, as well as the Wanglang Giant Panda Information Center, overnight in Wanglang hostel. (B/L/D)
Day03-Day04, Under the guidance of panda expert (panda staff, panda ranger, panda patrolman, or patrol judge) to track wild pandas in vary directions (routes) per the possiblity according to their ranging experience or patrolling work records (the patrolman usually take patrolling the nature reserve for anti-poaching and sick or injured pandas), to trace the footprint of panda bears in mountain and river valleys, photography panda bears, photo the unique scenery, to film plants and flowers, camera wildlife, to close-up photography tree / grass blossoming, watch birds and possible watch monitor other wild animals such as Golden Monkey, takin etc. overnight in Wanglang hostel, in the eveing interview with panda monitors and writing your story.(B/L/D, lunch maybe ready-food arranged if necessary)
Day05, Get up at 6 O'clock, under the guidance of monitors, to earlier morning watch bird, birding along the road and river valley; after b'fast to pick mushroom, to get knowledge of flora fungus, identify with mushrooms and germ bacteria classification the evening finish your paper work, and lectures available, overnight in Wanglang hostel.(B/L/D, lunch maybe ready-food arranged if necessary)
Day06-Day07, Under the direction of panda / plant / animals expert or staff monitor, to Zhugengcha or Dawodang, to get to know plants and trees and the wild animal trace, flowers, primitive forests, to learn China flora fungus fauna in Qinling area, in the evening finish your paper work, overnight in Wanglang hostel.(B/L/D, lunch maybe ready-food arranged if necessary)
Day08, In the morning again have sightseeing in Wanglang, and afternoon drive back to Chengdu, on the road visit Sanxingdui Museum, overnight in Chengdu.(B/L/D)
Day09, In the morning drive to  visit Chengdu Giant Panda Base, you can take photo with panda (cost extra), and in the afternoon  visit Wuhou Temple, The Marquis of Wu, memorial of Zhuge Liang (181-234) was the outstanding military strategist immortalised in "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" and in the saying wise as "the Marquis of Wu".  Then walk to visit Jinli Walking Shopping old (traditional) street, which has been fully restored in traditional Sichuan style. Picturesque, bustling, and cheerful, you can sample local arts and craft, traditional Chinese goods, food and delicacies, and even a Starbucks, local style. As traditional lanterns, Handmade dough figurines, paper-cutting, clay figurines, and Shu embroidery, local shadow puppet, wooden house furnishings etc. You can enjoy the local Sichuan food, and many traditional products handmade processing. In the evening, you can enjoy the Sichuan Opera (Changing Face, or Mask change, the face changing mask, changing stunt ) with enjoy the local tea in  Tea House.(Cost extra, about 15-25USD/p.p.). in the evening you can enjoy Sichuan Opera in tea house (cost extra), overnight in Chengdu. (B/L/D)
Day10, Drop you off at Chengdu A'port after b'fast.(B)

Quotation (In RMB, per person, 10days, basis of 2persons share one standard room):
6660CNY/p.p. for departure in Jan, Feb, Mar, Nov, Dec, single suppplement 1100CNY.
7360CNY/p.p. for departure in Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct , single suppplement 1500CNY
7850CNY/p.p. for departure on 10days around Chinese New Year, and 27Sep-07Oct, single suppplement 1800CNY.

Included: local style meals marked, transportation and transfers, accommodaiton in marked hotel / hostel (2 persons share one standard room) or similar, entrance fee for sightseeing,  English speaking guide service,  panda staff (monitors) guidance service in Wanglang, interview and lecture in Wanglang,  tour body insurance.
Excluded: tip to guide and driver, take photo with panda,  Sichuan Opera, any other service not included above.
Minimum 10 persons in your group.
:  Daily from late Jan to Dec

All above subjected to our confirmation.


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