Hold Panda Cub Play with Panda Infant Baby Cuddle for Hug Camera Photo and Photograph

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Pet a panda baby, hold a panda infant, hug panda cub in your arms at lap, photo or camera it. Donor donate funds to pandas for panda conservation in China. This panda photo / contribute program is juat for donor to do it while panda ages available.
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Donor Donate Panda Program Code: DP-K

Donation and Photo Pictures Panda Cub while Hold Cuddle baby pandas, hug panda on your lap, hold a panda
Donation: 9600CNY per person per time.
Donate to conserve pandas, you can hold, cuddle one baby panda cub for photo pictures in your arms with lovely panda.
In general, this panda for you to hold or cuddle or hug on your lap, photo with, is aged of 3months-8months. You must under the guidance of local expert: disinfect your hand, wear coat, be sure your are healthy, enter the breeding and raising (nursery) area, hold cub on your knee, or place panda baby on your  knee in arms, shoot camera, play, photo your lovely panda cubs.  Time for you to hold, cuddle panda baby only about 2 minutes.
But in general, all our existed tour (in our webpage) quotation does not included this donation.
And once your finished above donation-picture project, you can get a Donation Certificate.
How to booking DP-K:
Please tell us while you booking our tour.
And in generall it is diffcult to apply for DP-K program.
It is available only from late Nov to Feb.  In Wolong Bifengxia only

All above subject to our confirmation.


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