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To show panda donor, panda fans loves to Giant Panda. Donor contribute fund to pandas welfare, donate and adopt panda. Just take our tours and make your donation to panda. In general most of Panda Photo Programs with benifits (such as paper certificate, play interact with panda, photo with panda, hug hold panda, feed a panda, pet a panda, nurse panda etc) return to you - panda donor!
Panda is lovely, but threats to it's habitat are ongoing people's concern. In China, government pay great attention to protection of Giant Panda as well as people from all over the world.  Almost all programs you can use your camera to take pictures while your doing.
Save endangered panda, help giant panda, support panda bears!
From 2011, China take captive panda birth control!

Photo Giant Panda Interact Play Panda Programs Index

Panda fans panda donor donate funds for panda protection, contribute money to improve panda welfare.
Panda Donor Donation Program DP-A
 Entering adult panda Enclosure to play, interact with panda.
Panda Donor Donate Program DP-B 
Entering panda kindergarten to interact, play with pandas, pet pandas, photo panda baby.

Panda Fans Tourist Donate Program DP-F  Donor donate funds for you to feed panda baby. Panda fans panda tourists to nurse panda baby, put hot water into milk powder bottle and then feed panda baby.
Panda Contributor Donate Plan DP-028 Wash
a panda play with panda to inteact with panda
Panda Contribution Donor Project DP-K 
Photo panda at your lap, pet a panda infant, hold a little panda for photo, pet a panda infant /  baby.
Adoption and Donation (Adopt and Donate / Contribute)

Donor adopting a panda

Donor Donate funds contribute to panda welfare

Donor contribute fund to panda for professional photographer to take photography panda bears, please view our webpage "Photography Panda Tour to Close-up photo Pandas"

Any other idea that you plan to contribute to panda, please e-mail us.

Just via our arrangement, then your money directly to the project organization's account if you do not take our tour.

All panda photo programs maybe adjusted even not available while your arrival in case necessary for the reasons such as: panda healthy problem, avian flu, epidemic disease, wildlife conservation etc. If so we will do full refund to you the amount that you have paid / booked program marked (but the trip / travel / tour cost is no refundable).
Any change without prior notice.
And if booked above panda donate program is not available due to the Panda Base's any reason while your arrival, then we will refund you full in cash (RMB), but no any fine no penalty on ours.

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