Feed Panda Progarm Donor Donate to Feed Nurse a Panda Baby Newborn Cub with Milk Wolong

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Panda Donor contribute giant panda baby, to put hot water into the milk powder bottle for feeding panda baby, to feed panda baby, to nurse panda cub. Newborn cub need your donation for milk powder and feed them. As well as you can photo the whole procedure that your working (feeding) for panda baby.
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Donor Donate Panda Program Code: DP-F

Donation and Feeding Milk / Photo Picture Panda Program
Donation: 1000CNY per person per time.
You, panda bear contributor, make a contribution to protect panda baby, you can feed panda with milk, nurse panda cub, and  photo with lovely panda, pet a panda, nursing a panda.
In general, this panda for you to feed with or nurse with aged of about 12months-24months. You must under the guidance of local expert: (panda staff) wash your hand, wearing coat, be sure your are healthy, entering panda food working area, to put hot water into milk powder bottle, as well as other necessary panda food ingredient,  and then use you hand to feed the panda baby. You can shoot /  photo the processing that your working for this panda baby. Time for you to do so is about 5 minutes.
But in general, all our existed tour (in our webpage) quotation does not included this donation.

In Wolong Bifengxia only

All above for reference only!.

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