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Contribute fund to pandas welfare, save and help the rare endangered wild animal - giant panda bear, give one usd eur cny that helps protect panda bears and save pandas from extinction. Support panda protection, support panda nature reserves conservation, raise money for pandas research and study, donate one day salary to panda. Do donation just from your home via bank wire, or take our tours to China and make your donation to panda. In general most of Panda Photo Programs with benifits return to you.

 Raising money for the conservation of the Endangered Panda

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For donation to Natural Reserve involved in Panda protection, there are about 14 reserves in Sichuan. Donate or contribute fund to pandas, there are about 200 captive pandas in China for your raising money and donation. And most of panda nature reserves locates in poor area with high altitude, and staff works at shortage of Money in basic construction, and lack of basic equipment useful in protection.
And we recommend follow reserves to you:
Dafengding Nature Reserve; Yele nature reserve; Longxi-hongkou national nature reserve; Labahe nature reserve; Tangjiahe reserve etc.  And pandas organization as: Chengdu Panda Base, Wolong / Bifengxia Panda Center, Fengtongzhai etc.

Donation Usage:

Donation can be used in all fields of conservation, also you can specified usage of your donation:
1, Basic construction, such as building of information center and portion, hydro-power etc.
2, Equipment & instrument in researching and instruction.
3, Create a new nature reserve.
4, Cost for researching and staff training.
5, Invitation foreign expert in protection of giant panda to lecture in China.
6, Invitation Chinese expert and staff to other country for professional exchange & training.
7, Purchase medicine & medical equipment.

How to donate

Contact with us by e-mail, and we will response as soon as possible, all arrangement and process will be Ok, and e-mail back to you the details.
What you do 1st, is, tell us: your name, sex, nationality, passport number, occupation, specified usage & amount of donation and your request, terms & conditions.
Of course, you can donate cash as well as material object.
Just via our arrangement, then your money directly to the project organization's account.

Donated Amount
Any amount, more or less are welcome.

Examle of Panda Donor donate panda
Donor Eric & Christine (UK citizenship) contribute 100UKP annually for period of 10 years since 2007.

All above for reference only!

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