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Every year there are 30-50 newborn pandas given in China, and most of them is open to be adopted.   In general, one panda will cost about 1450000CNY for panda's whole long life (counting based on the average of 25 years). As an average, one panda needs about 50000 CNY per year for basic feeding, illness protection etc. Along with the elevation of the research abilities and increase of breeding number, the gap of funds for the fostering of pandas is getting bigger and bigger.
Every year panda fans over the world come to contribute fund to the panda conservation / protection / breeding / research etc, and some tourists panda fans adopting one panda even two pandas, some adoptive tourists to China for adopting one year, even long-life. As an adoptive father or mother or parents or donor, you will get a certificate, photo with your adopted son / daughter, a golden brand marked your name, and each year you can come and visit your adopted son / daughter, as well as the panda staff will e-mail you the pictures monthly or annually.

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In China, you can adopt giant panda  in 4 places in Sichuan, China: Wolong Natural Reserve, Fengtongzhai Natural Reserve, Chengdu Zoo, Chengdu Research & Breeding Base of Giant Panda. In above area, researching and breeding on going.

Procedure & note for adoption a giant panda (take the Base as example):
A, Agreement.
1, Settle adoption agreement.
2, Adopter (honor) name this panda. (give a name to the panda you plan to adopt)
3, Adopt amount (see following category of adoption) .
4, Adopting place: you tell us where you plan to do this adoption (in general in Panda Center).
B, Adoption Ceremony (varies to different category of adopton).
1, Adoptor make a lecture at this Ceremony, and hand your donation to the Base (if Base selceted) on the spot while media & journalist present.
2, Memorial  to donors.
3, Adoptive Certificate to you.
4, Leaders from the Base make a lecture.
5, You can photo with your lovely panda.
C, Hang the adopting board on the wall of the panda's house to publicise your love to panda.
D, The Base will report  (email you) the growth and health condition of the giant panda during adoption.

E, Category of Adoption:
Adoption No. One: One-year-shared adopt 5000CNY. (one panda can be adopted by 10 persons)
Adoption No. Two: One-year-private indevidual adopt 50000CNY. (one panda can be adopted and named by one person only)
Adoption No. Three: One-year-group (organization) adopt 70000CNY.(one panda can be adopted and named by one group only)
Adoption No. Four: Long-Life (Life-time) adopt from 500000CNY. (one panda can be adopted and named by one person or one organization only for the duration of the panda's life)

Examle of Panda Adoptive Mother
Donor - Michela (Italia citizenship) contribute 50000CNY for one year period adoption since Apr 2008.

Any change without prior notice. All above for reference only!

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