Tips and Photographing Panda Trip for Good Picture and Images Photo in Better Pose

Panda intormation and panda photography tips to photograph video panda bears for captive panda in  Chengdu and wolong

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1, The best to shoot pandas (in variouse age) is the baby pandas. In general pandas owns different gesture and pose in thier various ages. And the better the younger, as the younger baby shooted into your film or your screen, you can make sure that the hair (shined with its white and black color, softness) better, eyes light, soft and small body, walking slowly etc.

2, Season, in winter with more active, and also March - April for mating. Better to shoot pandas in variouse pose.

3, In general the newborns will be released into Kindergarten in Fab or earlier March (about). It is the better to take photo panda babies from Late Feb to June.

4, In general it is not necessary to enter the Panda Enclosure or Panda Kindergarten for tourist photographing pnadas, as well as for the professional photographer. It is okey to shoot good and high quoality picture just out side of Panda Enclosure and Kindergarten, but need more times to catch pandas gestures and poses.

5, And if you make donation to pandas, then we can try to arrange some special panda pose for you to shoot. For example, shoot cub age of 3 months - 6 months; in a special background; with stage; play and feed panda by feeder; etc.

6, For newborns, most borns in July and Aug, Sep; newborns and infant (under 4 months) usually kept in nursery room; and panda age 4-7 months will be kept in breeding room for ablactation (just try); and baby panda (aged from 6-8 months to 18-22 mongths) will be kept in kindergarten.; and aged from 18 months will be in sub-adult enclosure just beside the kindergarten; and panda above 3 years will be raised as adult.

All above just for your reference only

To photographing lovely giant panda as professional photographer

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