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Panda acrobatic Fun, attractive panda acrobatic performance show by Shanghai Acrobat. Photography photos gallery for captive panda bear and wild pandas, panda image picture bank, photo to interact, play with panda, hug hold panda, voluntary work pictures with panda bears..

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Tips and information for photographing panda photography trip

Panda program to play photo interact with panda

Most photos here is edited smaller, the original photo copy or similar copy is availalbe for some pictures.

Panda Donation Programm Code Panda Photo Gallery Index Panda Cub Images Introduction and Photograph Pictures Description
Wilderness survival Training Wilderness survival releasing training base For wilderness survival and releaseing training of mothers and her cubs for survival skill to be released to the wild in the future.
Pictures Panda newborn, volunteer Newborn, voluntary work, wild panda in Baishuihe, panda enclosure
Photos Aged different pandas Panda from newborn to 8 months
Panda infants Infants panda baby play Panda cubs play in panda kindergarten from March to next generation
Panda snow Panda photos playing in snow Pandas playing in snow and white grass yard
Close-up panda Photographing close-up pandas Professional photograph pandas in pose
GP-028 Wash, interact, touch panda Photo, wash, interact, play with panda bear baby
DP-B Play, interact, photo with panda Donation panda, enter panda toddler (1 years around, 10months-22months) enclosure (kindergarten) to play, interact, photo with cuddly baby panda, about 5 minutes in panda kindergarten.
DP-K Cuddle hold baby panda cub for photo Donate pandas, in the cub raising & nursing area, the newcub just in the thermostatic chamber for raising, usually baby just about 3-8 months, you can cuddle or hold or carry panda cub (aged of  3-7 months) for photo in 1 minutes.
Wild panda Photography wildlife pandas Wild pandas pictures for Photography trip reference
Volunteer work Woluntary work pictures School students volunteering trip pictures
Panda acrobatic show link Fun, attractive panda acrobatic performance in 1983 By Shanghai Panda Aacobats (please waiting minutes for download, as well as a short AD)
General professional photographing cost list for your reference.

China wildlife photography trip to photo Golden Monkey, Siberian Tiger, Tibetan antelope chiru.
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