Beichuan Xiaozhaizigou Xiaozhaizi Valley Nature Reserve for Wild Giant Panda Bears Conservation

Beichuan Xiaozhaizigou Xiaozhaizi valley upgraded as China national nature reserve for panda protection. There are 22 species of amphibian, 110 species of mammals, 306 species of birds, 1600 species of plants,  36 species of pteridophytes, 70 living wild pandas.

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Xiaozhaizigou, means small village valley,  to protect wild animals and primitive forests, between Baiyang Nature reserve (north) and Baodinggou reserve (south), is a very important area to link habitats of giant panda in Minshan Mountains. Xiaozhaizi Valley Nature Reserve was established in  September of 1979, covers an area of 44391.2 hectares, located at Beichuan County, Mianyang, Sichuan province, between east longitude of 103'45'- 104'10' and north latitude of 31''50'- 32'10', southward about 73Km to Mianyang city, 93km to Baichuan county. Xiaozhaizigou nature reserve is the most well-preserved virgin nature reserve in Asia,  is a very important area to link habitats of giant panda in Minshan Mountains. protecting rare wildlife, and manily panda bear protection. The rare animals are panda, golden monkeys and gnus etc.

The lowest at 1160 meters above sea level, highest point Chaqishan is 4769 meters above sea level. Forest coverage rate is 82.73%. With many mountains and valleies: Xiaozhaigou valley, Lili Valley, Lingbing valley, Muozi valley, Wazi valley etc. With serveral protecting station such as Caijiaping station, Dahuodi station etc.

There are 22 species of amphibian (belonging to 2 orders ,6 famlilies , 12 genera) and 19 species of reptile(belonging to 1 order , 6 families , 15 geners) including 17 species peculiar of amphibian in China and 7 species of reptile peculiar in China ,of which 16 species belong to the Himalayan-Hengduanshan type(39 % of total) , 16 species belong to the South-China type(39 % of total) , 6 species belong to the Oriental type(15 % of total) , 2 species belong to the Palaearctic type(22 % of total) , 1 specie belong to the Monsoon type(5 % of total) .

There are 110 species of mammals,  5 of them were listed in AppendixⅠ, 19 listed in Appendix Ⅱof national “List of Natural Key Protected Animals” and 8 listed as key-protected animals in Sichuan. There were also 36 species, which are endemic to China. And there living about 70 wild pandas in Xiaozhaizigou nature reserve, patrol 10days one time, and 10 times a year.

There are about 306 species of birds in Xiaozhaizi valley nature reserve. The birds belonging to 17 orders, 56 families, in which 156 species of criental birds (50.98%)、124 palaearetic (40.52%)and 24 epidemic (8.5%); in which 41 species are listed in the list of the Protected Wildlife of National Importance in China.

Plants with 87 families 380 genera and 1600 species. There are 13 kinds of rare plants including Chinese dove trees, yews, Virginia cowslip, cephalataxus fortunei, camphor and nanmu etc.

And there are  36 species of pteridophytes, belong to 21 genera of 16 families in Xiaozhaizigou valley.  According to its potency, about 10 types of herbal medicines, such as cleaning away heat or anti-rheumatism, inducing diuresis, expelling the parasites, hemostasis medicines, medicines for activating blood circulation to remove blood stasis, medicines for calming the liver to stop the wind etc. 

The other spcies of rare Chinese herbs are Chinese caterpillar fungus, tuber of elevated gastrodia, caladium, Eucommiaceae, yellow-corktree bark, ladybell, notoperygium root, root of Co donopsis Pilosula and so on.

After 2008 earthquake, Xiaozhaizi valley has developed ecological tourism with Qiang people culture  for future tourism and local wealth.

In the end of 2011, Xiaozhaizigou nature reserve upgraded as China naitonal nature reserve.


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