Wawushan Wawu Shan Mountain Conservation Nature Reserves for Wild Giant Panda Bears Protections

Wawushan panda conservation nature reserve for wild panda protection, save panda in Wawu Shan Mount Nature Reserve forest park. You can birding, watch wild pandas in Wawushan nature reserve.

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Mount Wawushan Wawu Shan Forest Park sits 180 km away from Chengdu, in Hongya county. the vast primeval forest on top of the mountain is full of the flavor of primitivity and simplicity. This world of ice and snow in the south will make you fell as if you were in a supernatural fairyland.

Wawushan Mountain National Forest Park, Wawu Shan Nature Reserve,  named because the center of mount Wawushan looks like the roof of one of the local tile houses, is located between 102 degrees 51' - 103 degrees 20'E and 29 degrees 31' - 29 degrees 51'N, and is about 40km from Mt. Emei. The natural conditions of a temperate climate (mean 10.7 C per year), humid air (86-93%) and abundant rainfall (about 2397.4mm per year) are very suitable for amphibians.

31 species of amphibians are founded in the park, belonging to eight families: Hynobidae (1 spp.); Cryptobranchidae (1 spp.); Bufonidae (1 spp.); Hylidae (1 spp.); Pelobatidae (12sp); Ranidae (10 spp.); Rhacophoridae (4 spp.) and Microhylidae (1 spp.). Of these, 11 are new records for the Park and 2 are new species. More surveys are expected to reveal further species.

Though most of these species are faring well, attention should be paid to species such as Scutiger chintingensis, first found on Mt. Emei at an elevation of 3000m or so in 1950 by Liu, C.C.. Since then, the population has been getting smaller and smaller. The species is currently very difficult to find at this location, possibly due to tourism pressures. 

Fortunately, it was also discovered at Mt. Wawushan at an elevation of 2500m, and this population is thought to be large and quite stable. It is necessary and important to monitor the variation in this population and analyse the related factors.


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