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Siguniangshan siguniang mountain 4 grils national park panda nature reserve for sightseeing mountaineering ice climbing hiking adventure in changping shuangqiao haizi valley, the linking corridor for panda habitat.

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Siguniangshan also called Four Girls Mountains, Oriental Alps,  Mountain Siguniang, Siguniangshan National Park is comprised of Siguniang Mountain and the three adjacent valleys: Changqing Valley, Shuangqiao Valley, and the Haizi Valley. Siguniangshan national nature reserve established in 1995, convers an area of 1375 sq km (and 450 sq km of them opened to tourists as the Siguniangshan Park), about 230KM from Chengdu.

Protected rarest animals as: Giant panda, lesser panda, golden monkey, white-lipped deer, tufted deer, snow leopards, Su Ling, golden cat, takin, musk deer, and Temminck's Tragopan, Blood Pheasant, etc. Higher plants more 1500 species, more than 10 plants are rarest in China. With 54 families and over 270 kinds of vertebrate. More than 300 species of birds in Siguniangshan Nature Reserve.

Many fans of sightseeing and mountaineering and Ice climbing came in a continuous stream, halted there and were fascinated by what they had found. The 3 of the best attractives are: the magical snow mountains with total of 450 square km, aboriginal natural scene and unique Jiarong tribal Tibetan daily life style. Attract many worldwide photographers to shoot the magical fairyland. Almost every peak, lakeside, rivulet,and hamlet was attractivie to tourist worldwide.

Siguniangshan is filled with snow peaks, primitive forests, ancient cypress forests, snow covered peaks, blue sky, clear rivulets, wide glaciers, color lakes, waterfalls, and Jiatong Tibetan tribal life styles, provided tourist limitless experience of hiking, plants tours, as well as adventure breathtaking experience of mountain climbing and glacier ice climbing.

Siguniangshan National Park's is famous for its four jagged snowcapped peaks: Sisiter No.1 (5355 meters), Sister No. 2 (54554 meters), Sister No.3 (5664 meters), Sister No. 4 (6250 meters), the other peaks as Wuseshan (5430 meters), Jianzishan (5430 meters); that according to Tibetan legends are the reincarnations of four beautiful girls. Famed for its steep and imposing ridges, Siguniang Mountain provides a fantastic opportunity for mountain climbers and hikers. Total about 10 peaks opened to worldwide mountaineering.

Siguniangshan, oriental alps, is the best ice climbing area in China, Siguniangshan is the paradise of ice climbing in China, every year in winter, the state Ice Climbing team will practice ice climbing in Siguniangshan.

The Shuangqiao Valley is the most visited out of the three valleys in Siguniangshan National Park and covers about 84 square miles. Most of this valley can be visited by tour bus and is the only one of the three valleys with paved roads. Shuangqiao Valley has a mixture of grasslands, forests, and gorgeous views of the snowy peaks.  In Siguniangshan Mountain, Shuangqiaogou Valley is the best valley for climber to climb ice, and Changpinggou Valley is the better one valley for climber to climb ice.

The Changping  Valley is favored by many visitors who enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking or camping. This valley is full of cypress trees, has many secluded waterfalls, a Lama Temple, and the Kushu Shoal. If you are more interested in the beauty than the hiking, there is a tour on horseback through the valley. It is suggested that you bring your own food and water, because there are no restaurants or stores in this valley. Changping Valley and Bipeng Valley is one of the best trekking hiking routes in China.

The last is the Haizi Valley is at the highest altitude and the least developed of the three valleys; thusly receives the least number of visitors per year. Haizi Valley gets its name from the numerous alpine lakes that scatter the valley. If is advised that you have some experience in mountaineering and exploration before you head to this valley. Haizi Valley is known for its breathtaking beauty and is for those who truly love the wilderness.

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