Mabian Dafengding Nature Reserves for Panda Bears Protections and Wild Panda Preserve

Mabian Dafengding nature reserve for wild panda bears preserve in Xiangling mountain panda habitat. Mabian dafengding nature erserve in Sichuan province

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Mabian Dafending Nature Reserve was established in 1979 and was subsequently upgraded to national grade status in 1994. Situated in the south west of Sichuan province, Mabian Dafending Nature reserve is relatively small, occupying a total area of 301.6Km2 in the county of Mabian, with altitudes ranging from 800m to 4042m above sea level. Mabian Dafending Nature Reserve together with two other smaller reserves, one of which called Meigu Dafending, ranges in the Liangshan 'Yi' tribe autonomous region. According to the National Survey conducted in 1980s, Mabian was recorded to be home to a population of giant pandas which also frequent the neighbouring reserve areas. The local communities living peripheral to the Nature Reserve predominately belong to the 'Yi' tribe. Like many of China's minority tribes, the 'Yi' tribe is rich in culture, its traditions in some ways associate the lives the people with Mabian Dafending Nature Reserve.

Baijiawan Protection Station. This station is responsible for round-the-clock inspection of all the outgoing and incoming vehicles on the road which leads to the nature reserve. Patrol staff will also station here on standby for any operations.

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