Liziping Nature Reserve  Panda Bears Protections for Wild Panda Preserve

.Liziping nature reserve for panda preserve in Xiaoxiangling mountain habitat Shimian county, Sichuan province

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Liziping Nature reserve located at the northern slope of Miya Konka Gongga Mountain, Shimian county, Sichuan Province. The panda reseve is the key corridor for pandas to exchange each other in Xiaoxiangling Mountains. Liziping nature reserve cavers an area of 47 885 hm˛ from E 102°10′33″ to E 102°29′07″, N 28°51′02″ to N 29°08′42″, length 23KM from the north to the sourth, and width 17.8KM. The highest point (Didimama) 4551 meters above sea level, lowest point 1330 meters. Average annual temperature 11. 7 ℃~14. 4 ℃, average annual rainfall  800~1 250 mm. Liziping nature reserve will be upgrated to Naitonal nature reserve in the future.

An area of the panda habitats is 306.38 km2 and there 14 individuals at the Sichuan Liziping Nature Reserve of Shimian County. With rare animals such as Giant Panda, red panda, Temminck’s tragopans etc.

The mammalian fauna and resources: 76 mammalian species were founded in the reserve, belonging to 27 families and 7 orders, and among them, 5 species were listed in Appendix Ⅰ, 12 species in Appendix Ⅱ of national "List of Natural Key Protected Animals" and 19 species were endemic to China. As far as its fauna was concerned, the Oriental realm components (60 species) are predominant, accounting for 78.95% of the total species, while the Palaearctic realm components (11 species) and widespread components (5 species) occupied 14.47% and 6.58% respectively. ------- By Yan-Hong Li, Pan-Wen Wu, Jie Hu in 2007.

There are 134 families ,715 genera ,1 795 species and 153 varieties of seed plants flora in Liziping Reserve of Sichuan Province ,including 7 families 14 genera 31 species Gymnosperms. About 62 families which with less than 10 species about 46. 27 % of total families in the region are the most abundant. The rarest plants are: Davidia in2 volucrata, Cercidiphyllum japonicum,  Tetracentron sinense,  Taxus chinensis etc.

And Liziping hydro power plant (Liangchahe) is under construction, locates at the experimental area of Liziping nature reserve.

One wild panda watched on 04April 2008 in one tree (climbing the tree) at Lao206Gou (Old valley No.206) 2940 meters above sea level.


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