Labahe Laba River Nature Reserve for Wild Animals Panda Bears Protection at Erlang Mountains Sichuan

Labahe laba river nature reserve for wild panda protection at Erlang mountains,  tianquan, yaan, Sichuan province.

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And in October 2011, wild pandas into sight at Tianquan Labahe Nature Reserve, one month 3 times appeared into sight, the closest is only about 2 meter to the tourist driving road, and the place only about 200 meters to the Luming hotel at Labahe nature reserve. It is showed that China's effort in panda Protection was improved in the past years of efforts.

And the takins be seen in lots of places such as ChuangNiugou (meet takin vally), Niujinggou (well for takin valley) etc, usually you can see a group with members of 40 - 60 individuals. Also you can find the wild deers at night to eat the earth.

Labahe Nature Reserve established in 1963, covers area of 23872 hectare, ranging mountain and valley at elevation from 1050 to 5010M, and locate between east longitude of 10217- 10233 and north latitude of 304- 3020, about 46KM to Tianquan county township, 200 KM to Chengdu. There are 18 species of national rare plants, the three key protected plants , Davidia involucrata, Cercidiphyllum japonicum, Tetracentron sinense etc. And many kind of animals such as giant panda, lesser panda,  green tail red pheasant, golden monkey, takin etc. 164 species of birds.

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