Introduction Namelist to All China Nature Reserves Involved Panda Bears Protections for Wild Panda Conservation

Labahe nature reserve for takin and wild pands
Namelist and introduciton to total about 68 panda nature reserves in China, 41 in Sichuan, 20 in Shaanxi, 7 in Gansu. Nature reserve account for 71% of panda habitat, and account for 57% of wild panda population. Panda corridors and panda sites.

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Wild panda corridors linking isolated panda population with conserve threatened species of isolated pandas via corridors
Sketch map of Panda fossil distribution in history and current panda bears distribution
Anzihe panda nature reserve to protect giant panda bear and red panda in Chongzhou Chengdu  Sichuan

Baishuihe state nature reserve conservation of panda to track wild panda birding Sichuan

Baishuijiang national nature reserve baishuijiang wild panda animal forest ecosystem in biosphere reserve network Gansu
Foping panda nature reserve foping panda protection center in Qinling mountain  Shaanxi
Gongga shan gonggashan minya konka mountain nature reserve  in Mt. gongga range sichuan province. Sichuan
Huanglong panda nature reserve huanglong national park for wild panda protection in Minshan habitat  Sichuan
Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhai Valley panda nature reserve, jiuzhaigou jiuzhai national park in Minshan mountain habitat, northern of Sichuan  Sichuan
Laba Labahe river nature reserve for wild panda protection improved  Sichuan
Liziping nature reserve for panda preserve in Xiaoxiangling mountain habitat Shimian county, Sichuan Sichuan


 Shaanxi青木川国家级自然保护区, 桑园国家级自然保护区
Mabian Dafengding nature reserve for wild panda bears preserve in Xiangling mountain panda habitat Sichuan
Siguniangshan siguniang mountain national park panda nature reserve mountaineering ice climbing changping shuangqiao haizi valley. Sichuan
Wanglang panda nature reserve for wild panda conservation  Sichuan
Wawushan Wawu Shan panda conservation nature reserve for wild panda protection, save panda in Wawu Mount Forest Park  Sichuan
Beichuan Xiaozhaizigou Xiaozhaizi valley nature reserve  Sichuan

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