Gongga Shan Gonggashan Range Minya Konka Panda Nature Reserve for Wild Panda Conservation  Sichuan

Gongga shan gonggashan minya konka mountain nature reserve  in Mt. gongga range sichuan province.

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 Minya Konka (Mt. Gongga / Gongga Shan) located in the east of Tibetan region, with a height of 7556m. Geographical at east longitude 101 29 '~ 102 10, north latitude 01 ~ 30 ゜ 29 ゜ 08.

It is the highest mountain in Sichuan, surrounded by more than 20 jokuls above 5000 meters. , Minya Konka is a sacred mountain for Tibetans.  Gongga Shan is the largest is the Gongga Mountain Panda Nature Reserve, in Gongga Mountain in Sichuan province, covering an area of 406,900 hectares. Core area 225 105.0 hm , the buffer area of ​​67 702.6hm , experimental area of ​​11 633.9hm .

Gongga nature reserve between Yurlong River and Dadu river.  At the boundary area of Kangding, Jiulong, Shimian and Luding county. With 4880 species of plants,  more than 400 species of animals.  The rarest protected animal are: white-lipped deer, red deer, musk deer,  takin, pandas, snow leopards, red pandas, tufted deer, white hip deer, sambar, plate Sheep, leopard, clouded leopard, golden cat.  Protected rare birds are  Tragopan red, green, rainbow pheasant tail, Cangma chicken, Tibetan snow cock, blood pheasant, Lady Amherst Pheasant. The China native specialty birds are 99 species,  and 58 of them in Sichuan, 30 species of them in Gongga Shan area.

Gongga shan is famous for its glaciers, with about 159 glaciers, covers an area of 390 sq km. One of the is Hailuogou Glacier Park.


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