Foping Panda Nature Reserve for Wild Panda Conservation in Qinling Mountain Habitat Shaanxi

Foping panda nature reserve foping panda protection center in Qinling mountain

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Located at the south slope of middle part of In Mountains, With a total area of 35000 ha., Foping National Natural reservation area set up in 1978 under the authority of the State Council, taking the protection of forest and wild animals, especially the Grand Panda, as the key. It has a completely sustained forest ecological system among the area, with great abundant plant and animal resources. There have been founded 1680 higher plant species of 684 genes in 184 families among which 24 species are listed in the national protection plants. Altogether 327 vertebrate species are distributed in the reservation area, including 62 beast species, 211 bird species, 36 amphibian species, 18 fish species, 6 species listed in national first-class protection animals such as grand panda, Mountain gazelle, Golden monkey, etc. and 36 species are listed in National second-class protection animals. The area is a center area where Qinling Grand panda distributes. Grand panda with spectacular brown-white fir color has been discovered for many times there as well, which has fully embodied the biological species diversity and genetic diversity. Recently the nature reserve was listed in the Demonstration Nature Reserve by the World Biological Diversity Protection GEF Project. Numerous experts and scholars domestic and abroad have come to investigate here and it was granted by scientists a treasure bank of natural resources. 

The unique is the white fur giant panda without any black fur. 

The Foping National Natural Reserve was approved by the State Council and built in 1978. After 31 years’ of meticulous management and protection, there are now 110 to 130 giant pandas in the Foping area. Known as Home for Pandas, the Reserve has the highest density of pandas in China, with an average of one panda existing in every 1.5 square kilometers at the buffer zones and core zones. Over the past year or so, under the guidance and assistance of authoritative giant panda research institutions and experts, the Foping County actively cooperated and devoted great efforts to site selection, planning and design, construction and other related work.


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