Wild Pandas Corridors for Isolated Population Connection Linking Habitat Patches for Panda Communication

Wild panda corridors linking isolated panda population with conserve threatened species of isolated pandas, corridors sometime are habitat patches for panda connection, allows wild panda to move migrate from one habitat to another habitat through the corridor.

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Panda distribution

Wild pandas are isolated by road, human activity. And the isolated populations of giant pandas are genetically different. The panda isolated (lacking an adequate bamboo supply separate the population) make inbreeding possibile. Wild panda corridor is a protected strip of land that allows wild panda to move (or migrate) from one area to another, linking habitat patches. The panda corridor allows wild pandas to roam freely without coming into conflict with human development, and to locate other members of their species. Wild panda corridors are vital to the survival of panda bears.
The main wild panda corridors as below.

Name Location
Jiuchaigou Baihe Wujiao Sichuan
Majia Caodi Sichuan
Baima River Sichuan
Mupi Muzuo Sichuan / Gansu
Qingpian Sichuan
Caopo Gengda Sichuan
Pitiao Zhenhe Sichuan
Chongzhou Dayi Lushan Sichuan
Baoxing Sichuan
Fengtongzhai Sichuan
Meigu Sichuan
Ebian Sichuan
Shanlinggang Sichuan
Shaba Zaojiaowan Shaanxi
Longcaoping Shaanxi

 Panda conservation corridors are strategically located regions that link key habitats for wild panda bears with their habitats (with wide ranging species of plants and animals). A wild panda corridor is actually a broad landscape that encompasses a range of land uses, including agriculture, human settlements, and even industrial activities etc.



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