Baishuihe State Level Nature Reserve for Wild Panda Animal Conservation Pengzhou Sichuan

Baishuihe state level nature reserve in Pengzhou, Chengdu, Sichuan for conservation of wild panda and other wild animal and primitive forest ecosystem

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Baishuihe Panda State Level Nature Reserve, about 75KM from Chengdu, established in 1996 by Pengzhou city, and upgraded province level in 1999, up state grade in 2002,  located at Dabao Town and Xiaoyudong Town in Pengzhou, Chengdu, Sichuan province.

Covers an area of total 30150 hectares from   10341′ to 10357′ E,  from 3110′ to 3129′ N, length from the east to the west about 31KMs, from the north to the south about 8 kms, with the core protected area of 17170 hectares, experimental area of 7915 hectares account for 26.25%, Protected rich animal and plant resource, well-preserved ecological environment and long-standing humane history, it is an ecological tourism resort integrating mountain, water, ecology, air, culture, biodiversity and geological scenes.  With 1770 species of plants and 331 species of wild animals, altitude at 1400~4800 meters above sea level. The rare animals are panda, golden monkey, red panda, A.chrysaetos daphaneaetc, Lophophorus lhuysii, Chrysolophus pictus, M.thibetana, Budorcas taxicolor etc

12th May 2008 earthquake affected Baishuihe Nature Reserve deeply, but the core protected area Madaozi (from Panlonggu to Madaozi) was affected little. And you can see the latest panda dung at this area about 2000 meters above sea level. As well as the panda nest nearby Bamboo forests.

Now Baishuihe nature reserve become one of panda protection, wildlife teaching, practice, sightseeing and visits, scientific investigation, research   base of eco-tourism.  Baishuihe Nature Reserve is an ideal place to track wild panda and watch birds (166 species of birds) of eco-tourism, as well as ideal scenery sightseeing..


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