Anzihe State Nature Reserve for Wild Panda Animal Conservation Chongzhou Chengdu

Anzihe province level nature reserve in Chongzhou, Chengdu, Sichuan for conservation of wild panda, red panda and other wild animal in Qionglai mountains

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Anzihe Panda Nature Reserve, lies in the middle of Longmen Mountain which is the southeast branch of Qionglai Mountain range, about 105KM from Chengdu, established in 1993 by Sichuan province to protected giant panda and its habitat. Located at Anzihe town, Chongzhou, Chengdu, Sichuan, and  covers about 10100 hectares, elevation around 2500M average, and locate between east longitude of 103º7´- 103º17´ and north latitude of 30º43´- 30º51´, annual average temperature 10.2℃, there estimated 8 wild giant pandas living in this reserve. And this reserve play a important role in linking Wolong nature reserve, Fengtongzhai nature reserve and Heishuihe nature reserve as a big region for panda living and corridor migrant freely in Qionglai Mountains.

Anzihe nature reserve borders on Aba Tibetan - Qiang Autonomous Prefecture and Wenchuan County on the north to northwest, and is surounded by natural forest, the artificial forest and the collective forest of Laopengzi Group, Yanfeng Village, Goujia Township on the east, extending to the mountain ridge to the east of Xiaojiagou and Laopengzi.
As a connecting corridor between Wolong and Fengtongzhai National Nature Reserves and Heshuihe Nature Reserve, it well joins the south and north Giant Panda habitats of Qionglai Mountain range

There are many rare animals such as great panda, red panda, goat antelope, rhinopithecus and lophophors thuysii and so on. Rare woods include fragrant camphor, Phoebe zhennan, mongolica (Bureau) Schneid.and mountain laurel and so on. The small lake in the reserve is basin-like concave-shape lake. The water in the lake is transparent and unfathomable, compared to highland pearl. The special fish called Firry fish is only a few inches long and looks like black lizard with feet and scales.

Jiguanshan Forest Park inner Anzihe nature reserve.

According to an investigation from 2000 to 2002, the distribution of red panda in 11 counties in Qionglai Mountains of Sichuan Province. After surveys on 2 332 line transects, tracks of the species were found in 130 line transects (5.57%), which distributed in nine counties and concentrated in Wenchuan County and Chongzhou City. The area of red panda habitat amounted to approximately 5107.82 km2, in which Baoxing (34.08%), Wenchuan (30.65%) and Tianquan (16.61%) counties were larger than the others and counted for 81.34% of the total. The highest density was in the Anzihe Nature Reserve of Chongzhou City. In the seven reserves of Qionglai Mountains, the area of red panda’s habitat covered 2 166.84 km2 and was 42.4% of the total. The distribution of red panda in Qionglai Mountains was discrete and existed many gaps and fragmentation trend. Thus, the protection of red panda in Qionglai Mountains should be further enhanced.
Cameraed (Infrared and staff captured) in recent 4 years: Giant panda, takin, goral, musk deer, serow, deer, black bear, blue sheep, Lady Amherst Pheasant, Golden Pheasant, Temminck's Tragopan


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