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All Giant panda bear gifts goods in this website ( such as: panda accessories, panda apparel, panda decor, panda holiday, panda jewelry, panda kitchen, plush stuffed pandas, embroidery brocade panda, cloisonné panda gift, embroidery panda bears, brocade giant panda, Chinese traditional painting panda, tangka thangka panda, panda fans special presents, baby panda soft toys, large plush stuffed panda toys, baby panda dolls, even personalized panda gifts, customized products made in China) could be ordered by any foreign trader or any international importer. If there is no list for your prefered goods or items, or any goods made in China, then please e-mail us.

1, Sample, all samples charged as to buy the item.
2, Any designed could be customized to your preference at our new quotation.
3, Chinese customs processing by our Corp. or by our trade agent.
4, All goods FOB one of the ports: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Ningbo etc.
5, Payment, 85% by T/T while you make order, 15% by T/T  before shipping.
6, At least one time order at 8000USD.


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