China Philately Panda Tuantuan Yuanyuan Stamp in Lovely Gestures and Commemorative Envelope

In memorial of Giant panda Tuantuan Yuanyuan immigration to Taiwan on the 23Dec 2008, China National Philatelic Corp. published one set of commemorative stamp, and Sichuan Philatelic Corp. published one commemorative envelope with stamp. It is the better chance to collect panda stamps in panda wildlife philately worldwide collecting pandas stamps.
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Code: Sta-020
Decription: Each stamp set of commemorative stamps with 8 stamps valued as 0.8Cny for each stamp, with a paper packing. And the memorial envelope with 0.8CNY stamp. Collecting stamps philately worldwide for philately fans.
Package: paper set packing for stamp; but no packing for the envelope.
Price: 16USD each (one set of panda stamp + one envelope).
Size: evenlope about 23X12cm; the set cover about 18.6X26.6cm, and the stamps' paper 16.5X22cm.

the open folder of panda commemorative stamp set of Tuantuan Yuanyuan
the enlarged inner panda stamps of Tuantuan Yuanyuan the cover of the set
The left is the memorial envelope published by Sichuan Philatelic Corp  

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