China Giant Panda Patters Weaved & Designed in Silk Brocade Weaving Art Gifts

Below silk panda brocades, many patterns, just for your reference,  please e-mail us to check the availablity and price, also for larger picture if you are interested. And each panda pattern or design could be decorated in any forms (brocade pandas, either in brown wooden frame, or in vertical wall hanging scroll, or in horizontal wall hang scroll), just tell us what you plan to want or your preference.
There are many panda patterns.
But be sure that the picture below (even the picture sent to you) maybe a little different from the brocade goods itself, either in color, or in panda shapes, decoration color etc.
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Code: Bro-110 Code: Bro-112 Code: Bro-114 Code: Bro-116
2 pndas design, vertical scroll, wall hanging Silk brocade pandas, vertical scroll, 4 pandas  brocade pattern design, vertical scroll, wall hanging 2 pandas and bamboo, vertical scroll

Code: Bro-118 Code: Bro-120 Code: Bro-122 Code: Bro-124
  1 panda wall hanging
one left and one right
2 pandas vertical scroll
one left and one right
Brocade panda, horizontal wall hanging scroll , 8 pandas

Code: Bro-126 Code: Bro-128 Code: Bro-130 Code: Bro-132
  2 pandas brocade, framed in glass 2 pandas brocade art, framed in glass Brocading panda patters, 2 pandas, wall hanging, horizontal scroll

Description for your reference only, and subject to its own image sent to you.
All above subject to our confirmation. Picture just for reference, all subject t
o goods itself.


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