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China panda goods export trade to order larger quantity

How do I know that the item is in stock?
If an item is temporarily out of stock, we will e-mal you back sooner once we have recieved your e-mail, and also suggest you an another suitable alternative item for your referenc.

Can I get a discount if I order in bulk?
We may be able to offer discounts for larger quantities, please email us if buy over 20 pieces or 20 items, but total order cost must more than 500USD (total quantities X price, before discounted). If order more than 300 pieces or 300 items, and total order cost must more than 8000USD (total quantities X quotation), then please view China Panda Goods Export Foreign Trade page.

Do You sell products not listed on our website?
Yes, we will try if made in China. Please email us: your preference, your prefered description, goods category, order quantities, any picture if available.

Do You sell more similar products as not shown in websites?
Yes, most similar or alternative products not shown in this webiste page, please e-mail us any description, your request, then we will check it.

What payment methods do You accept?
Payment in advance only by any payment methods, and you can view payment page to choice the payment at lower payment fee to meet your preference.

What is the shipping and delivery rate (fee or cost)?
It is varies to various goods and shipping/delivery methods, please e-mail us to check it while your order or purchase any goods in our website.

What total cost / fee do I need to pay if buy any goods in this website?
In gerneral, but varies, you'll pay: a, the goods cost (price X quantities of your order); b,  fee for wiring money or payment to us; c, shipping and delivery fee, and some items with packing fee; d, duty, VAT and taxes etc. In general: a + c, you'll pay at one time to us; b, charged by your bank or your payment corp.; d, charged by your country. And in general we will tell you the a + c total cost while you order it.


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